• Designer: William Adams
  • Builder: Robert Stephenson & Co
  • Built: March 31st 1885
  • Withdrawn: July 31st 1961
  • Number: 488, previously 0488, EKR 5, 3488, and 30583
  • Configuration: 4-4-2T

Adams, formerly 488, is an engine living on the Bluebell Railway. Stepney mentioned him while talking to Edward about the Bluebell Railway. He and Cromford did not have names then, so the others nicknamed him "Adams", after his maker. According to Stepney, his Controller is unaware of this name change.

"Adams" is currently requiring a new boiler barrel, but he can be seen on display at the Bluebell Railway along with other engines. The Bluebell Railway has not announced an exact date for his return to steam, but it will be several years.


Adams is painted in London and South Western Railway green, lined out in black and white.


Adams is an LSWR 415 class radial tank engine, built in 1885 for hauling goods.


Railway Series


Bluebell Railway
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