Several animals have appeared in the Railway Series, the television series, the annual stories, and the magazine stories.

Animals in the Railway Series

This section is for animals that first or only appeared in the Railway Series, listed in chronological order:


The Goat

The Fat Controller once leaned out of a carriage window to cheer for Edward and Henry when they were pulling the express, but his black top-hat was blown from his head and landed into a field and a goat quickly ate it up.


River Fish

When Thomas took on water from the River Els, some river fish were pulled into the bucket used to fill Thomas' tank, and as a result were boiled in Thomas' tank, causing the little blue tank engine severe pains, they were later fished out and eaten by Thomas' crew, the Fat Controller and an inspector.

Circus Animals

When the circus visited Sodor in Troublesome Engines, they brought several animals along with them that were needed for the circus, like elephants, bears, horses, and camels.


Circus Elephant

When the circus train had left, an elephant owed by them had escaped from the train and was later discovered in Henry's Tunnel, Henry encountered him while investigating a block in the tunnel. The workmen then gave him four buckets of water to drink, but Henry startled the elephant when he let off steam and in return was squirted with water.



When Edward was once taking some cattle trucks to the market, he past a field where some cattle was grazing, the cattle broke through the fence and ran onto the line, they suddenly snapped the couplings of Edward's train, poor Edward did not realise it until he finally reached the station.



"Well, well, well! Two big engines afraid of a cow?"
Edward teasing Henry and Gordon, Cows

After her calf was taken to market, Bluebell mournfully trotted onto the bridge at Hawin Russagh, stopping Gordon and Henry from passing, she did not move until Percy came along with her calf in a cattle truck, Bluebell was happy to see her calf and they both fled away.


  • In the Railway Series, Bluebell was white with black spots, but in the television series and a magazine story, she was brown.



"You know he's harmless and I know he's harmless, but does he know?"
Daisy, Bulls Eyes

An inquisitive bull who was angry, had once strayed from some farm labourers and ran away. He eventually came across the railway, and seeing grass on either side, began to eat. Daisy tried to shoo him away, but was intimidated by Champion and backed away, until Toby came and frightened him away.

Voice Actors

  • Hisao Egawa (Japan)



"Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!"
Duck, Buzz, Buzz

When James was preparing to take the express, Fred and Bert, the two porters were carefully taking a trolley with a beehive to the front van. Unfortunately, because the platform was crowded, Fred bumped into an old lady and the beehive fell and everyone swarmed out of the station. The bees were very cold and needed someplace nice and warm, and the only place they can find is James. However, one bee burned his feet and thought James did it on purpose. So it stung James back on his nose. After that, James stormed off to get rid of the bees.

The bees appeared in the third season episode Buzz, Buzz. In the episode, the beehive was to be taken to the Vicar. After James got stung, he and his crew tried different ways to get rid of them (e.g. spinning around on a turntable, washing them off at a water tower, and smoking them away in a tunnel. Still, the bees didn't go away. James' driver suggested to take to a new hive at the Vicarage orchard.

It is assumed that the bee who stung James died.