Arlesburgh Bridge Street is a station on the Arlesdale Railway with a small junction near Arlesburgh. It was also a station on the now-closed Mid Sodor Railway. It was the Mid Sodor's main terminus for all trains except the boat and ore trains which used the harbour station. Arlesburgh Bridge Street had two platforms with an "all-over" timber roof and a yard for goods, locomotives, and carriage sheds. These buildings had fallen in decay over the years of closure so the Arlesdale Railway demolished the remains.

The Arlesdale Railway station has one platform only at the side of the town and had a small wooden hut. When the number of passengers increased, the hut was replaced by brick building.

The Mid Sodor Railway had a level crossing here. It was replaced by a bridge on its Arlesdale Railway days.

The station is named because of the road bridge located at the town of Arlesburgh crossing the river, the road goes directly to the station.


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