Arlesdale Green is a station on the Arlesdale Railway. There is a new passing loop in the wood forest between Marthwaite and Arlesdale Green. It was in this forest where Bert soaked his driver and the Fat Clergyman, respectively, and ever since that incident the branches were cut back. The loop had to be placed here because there was no room for it at the station. It was here where Frank rescued Rex with his train.

The Mid Sodor Railway had no station here at first. A patch of gravel representing a platform and a wooden shed were added (once mistaken for a used henhouse), as there was another station nearby. A low platform (similar to others of the Mid Sodor) was added some years later, along with a station nameboard and an iron shelter, that's how it appeared in "Duke the Lost Engine."

When the Arlesdale Railway took over, only the platform was left and the shelter had disappeared. The Railway Company decided to re-edge the platform, laying down fresh gravel, and adding a rustic fence.

Now, the platform has been edged with stone slabs, and its gravelled surface was replaced by asphalt. A new building was added to provided shelter for passengers.