The Arlesdale Railway owns a old watermill, which is situated between Ffarquhar Road and Marthwaite.


The watermill is located a few hundred yards east of Ffarquhar Road Station, on the right hand side of the line, as it curves away to the north east.

Not long ago this mill was ruined and derelict. Undesirable development was feared, so to prevent this the railway company bought the property and let it, at a peppercorn rent, to a conservation group. These enthusiasts have restored it to working order, largely by volunteer labour, and run it during the Summer as a tourist attraction. A charge is made for admission, and this together with the flour, bread and cakes they sell, has enabled them to pay their way for the past three years.

The mill is well worth a visit and is ten minutes’ walk from the station along a lane which branches off the main road. The waterwheel is powered by a leat taken from the River Arle a mile further up the valley. The millpond, now dredged and watered once more, has been joyfully adopted by innumerable wild fowl, and registered as a Sanctuary.




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