The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the primary broadcaster of Thomas and Friends in Australia. Recent seasons are broadcast as part of the ABC Kids block on ABC2.

ABC broadcasts many other children's shows, including other HiT Entertainment properties.

ABC has distributed Thomas and Friends on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray in Australia under the ABC for Kids name since 1991, when they took over from Festival Records.

VHS Releases

  1. Thomas and Gordon and other Stories
  2. Troublesome Trucks and other stories
  3. Coal and other stories
  4. Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Other Stories
  5. Percy and Harold and Other Stories
  6. The Deputation and Other Stories
  7. Time for Trouble and other stories
  8. Trust Thomas and Other Stories
  9. Escape and other stories
  10. Thomas and Stepney and other Stories
  11. Rock 'n' Roll and other Stories
  12. Thomas and the Special Letter and Other Stories
  13. Story and Song Collection
  14. Playtime
  15. Spooks and Surprises
  16. The Biggest Ever Christmas Collection
  17. Happy Ever After
  18. Happy Holidays
  19. Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  20. Truck Loads of Fun
  21. Rescues on the Railways
  22. The Very Best of Thomas and Friends
  23. All Aboard October!
  24. Thomas and the Jet Engine
  25. Twin Trouble
  26. All Aboard!
  27. Engines to the Rescue
  28. All Aboard with the Steam Team
  29. Peep! Peep! Hurray! Three Cheers for Thomas

The Complete Series Collections

  1. The Complete First Series
  2. The Complete Second Series
  3. The Complete Third Series
  4. The Complete Fourth Series
  5. The Complete Fifth Series
  6. The Complete Sixth Series
  7. The Complete Seventh Series

Twin Packs

  1. Series One and Two Double Pack
  2. Series Three and Four Double Pack
  3. Series Five and Six Double Pack
  4. Series Seven and Eight Double Pack
  5. Series Nine and Ten Double Pack
  6. Series Nine and The Great Discovery Double Pack


  1. Classic Collection: Series 1 - 5 (5 Disc Boxset)
  2. The Essential Collection (5 DVD Boxset)
  3. 3 Great Adventures
  4. The Great Adventures of Thomas and Friends
  5. 3 DVDs (Boxset)
  6. Complete Series 1-10
  7. My First Thomas

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