• Number: 45596
  • Class: LMS Jubilee Class
  • Designers: William Stanier
  • Configuration: 4-6-0
  • Withdrawn:July 1966

Bahamas is a preserved British steam locomotive.


5596 was built in 1935 by the North British Locomotive Company in Glasgow. She was named Bahamas in 1936 after the Bahamas, which were then part of the British Empire. After nationalisation in 1948, Bahamas was renumbered by British Railways to 45596, and transferred to Edge Hill, Liverpool. In 1961, she was unusually fitted with a double blastpipe and chimney, and was returned to traffic and based at Carlisle. She was transferred to Stockport in July 1962, from which she was withdrawn from traffic in July 1966.

Now based at the Keighly and Worth Valley Railway, she is awaiting an overhaul.

Bio in the Railway Series

Henry mentioned that he met Bahamas at Crewe during his overhaul in Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines.

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