"I know that toot! That's Bertie, that is!"
— Algy
Bertie Saves the Day

Christopher Awdry

Illustrated by

David Palmer



Bertie Saves the Day is a 1985 annual story.


Bertie is booked on an excursion to take some naturalists into the hills. But the next day he feels ill, so his friend Algy goes instead. After a few miles, Algy has to stop at some traffic lights, but he stalls. The naturalists laugh and push Algy and shortly his engine starts up again. Eventually they reach the hills and while the naturalists go off looking for birds and plants, Algy's driver tries to mend him. But when the naturalists come back an hour later, Algy still is not fixed. The naturalists decide to have their picnic to pass the time. But when they finish, Algy is still being mended. Algy's driver heads off to a telephone box, but just as he arrives, a familiar "Toot, toot!" sounds and a now fixed Bertie swerves around the corner, ready to continue the naturalists' trip.



  • Bertie doesn't have any eyebrows.