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"Decorations are undignified. Huh! Who cares about the contest anyway?"
— Gordon

Best Dressed Engine is the twenty-second episode of the seventh season.


A "best dressed engine" competition is being held to celebrate May Day. Most of the engines get in on the fun, but Gordon denounces the competition and refuses to participate. Later, Gordon is crossing a bridge when a banner is blown onto his front. Since Gordon is pulling the express, he can't stop and so remains "dressed up" until he reaches Knapford where he is announced the winner of the "best dressed" competition.





  • It is said that the banner wraps around Gordon's firebox, but it actually does so on his smokebox.
  • When Trevor is chuffing along, studio equipment is reflected in his paintwork.
  • When Gordon breaks through the crossing gates, Trevor's cart isn't hit, but in the next scene the cart is smashed.
  • After Gordon collides with the cart, his left (viewer's right) buffer becomes severely damaged, but later at Knapford, it's still intact.
  • When Trevor passes the farm, the shot is mirrored. You can see because Trevor's flywheel is on his right side, where it should be on his left side.
  • The stock footage from Bulgy Rides Again causes a few inconsistencies:
    • Bulgy is in his red livery.
    • When Gordon leaves Knapford, he's pulling four coaches, but in the next scene, he's pulling three.
    • Gordon goes under the same bridge twice. However, an effort: the removal of the upper part of the bridge, is made to disguise it the second time.
  • Because stock footage from Thomas and the Breakdown Train is mirrored, Thomas' number 1 is mirrored.
  • When Murdoch asks Gordon "What decorations will you have Gordon?" his left eyebrow (viewer's right perspective) is scratched.
  • In the shot of Trevor chuffing along before Gordon hits the crossing gates, Gordon cannot be seen behind him puffing.
  • If you look closely and slowed the episode in the part where Gordon collided with the banner, you can see the banner actually rolled up in Gordon's funnel like when he was at Knapford by the end.
  • In the close-up of Murdoch before Gordon was shown with his proud face by the end, the banner wasn't on Gordon as you can tell due to one of the cords of the banner being missing.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Danish Det flotteste lokomotiv The Beautiful Engine
Hungarian A Legszebb Díszbe Öltöztetett Mozdony The Ornament Dressed Locomotive
Japanese ベストドレッサーはだれ Who is Best Dressed?
Welsh Dillad Gorau Best Clothing
Italian Le Locomotive Addobbate The Dressed Engines
Russian Самый красивый паровоз The Most Beautiful Locomotive
Romanian Cea Mai Împodobită Locomotivă The Adorned Locomotive
Slovak Najlepšie oblečená lokomotíva The Best Dressed Locomotive
Swedish De bäst pyntade lokomotiven The Best Draped Locomotive
Chinese 最漂亮的小火车 The Most Beautiful Train
Korean 고든이 제일 멋져 Gordon is the Most Wonderful
Polish Najlepiej Udekorowana Lokomotywa Best Decorated Locomotive
Thai หัวรถจักรแข่งกันแต่งตัว Engine Dress Race

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