Britt Allcroft (born Hillary Mary Allcroft) is the multi-award-winning creator of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. She founded "The Britt Allcroft Company" with then-husband Angus Wright, known as Britt Allcroft Limited (later replaced as Gullane Entertainment) which was sold and acquired by HiT Entertainment in 2002. Allcroft is well known for her creation of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends and its American counterpart Shining Time Station. She was also the screenwriter and director of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and even supplied the voice of Lady. She also created the television show "Magic Adventures of Mumfie" and in the late 1990's remade the classic series "Captain Pugwash".

In May 2000, Allcroft was a director and advisor of Gullane, but by 2003 (a year after Gullane was sold and acquired by HiT), Allcroft had resigned from her remaining positions with the company. This was attributed to the poor reception of Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


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