"Bust my buffers!"
"I think you have.
— Bill and Ben
Buffer Bother

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Ross Hastings


Michael Angelis (UK)
Alec Baldwin (US)

Air date

September 24th 2002

Previous episode

Percy's Chocolate

Next episode

Toby Had
a Little Lamb

Buffer Bother is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season.


When the Fat Controller comes to inspect the quarry, he discovers Ben is in need of new buffers and sends him to the Works to have them fitted. Bill is jealous and his mind drifts, causing him to knock a pipe into his funnel and cover Mavis with soot. The trucks, sensing Bill is cross, tease him, making him careless and causing him to reverse into a ditch. Ben, who has just returned, pulls Bill out, when it is discovered that Bill now needs new buffers. Bill later commends Ben on his new buffers and the twins make up their quarrel.




  • After the trucks tease Bill, the line "This made Bill very cross" is omitted in the US narration.
  • After Bill and Ben argue with each other, Mavis says, "Will you two stop being grouchy" in the UK narration. In the US she says, "Will you two stop being crackpots".


  • When Sir Topham Hatt inspects the engines Ben's buffers are not broken.
  • When Mavis says "Be careful, and stop thinking about Ben's new buffers", wires poke up inside her cab.
  • When Bill shunts a truck in a siding Mavis is shunting trucks in the bottom left, but after the pipe falls into Bill's funnel Mavis turns around.
  • The pipe that falls into Bill's funnel is completely out of scale, as it is huge compared to Bill.
  • When Bill falls into the ditch he looks angry.
  • When Bill derails his eyes look wonky.
  • When in the close-up of Bill in the ditch the truck he pushed into the ditch is visibly smiling in the right-hand corner.
  • How is it possible for Bill's front to be damaged when he fell cab-first into the ditch?
  • Mavis has Derek's horn sound.
  • Alec Baldwin accidentally uses the term "trucks" at one point.
  • When Ben returns and sees Bill in the ditch, Bill's buffers are not broken.
  • There should have been buffers at the end of the siding where Bill bumps the truck into the ditch.



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