"Look, Daisy! I've got some sweets; they're called bulls-eyes! I like them do you?"
— The boy
Bull's Eyes

David Mitton


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton


Reverend W. Awdry (original)
Britt Allcroft
David Mitton (adapted)


Michael Angelis (UK)
George Carlin (US)

Air date

April 3rd, 1995 (UK)
1996 (US)

Previous episode

Toad Stands By

Next episode

Thomas and the Special Letter

Bull's Eyes is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season. It first aired in the US on Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales in 1996.


Toby warns Daisy about bulls, but she claims that she would simply have to toot to scare them off. When Daisy is asked to shoo a bull back to its farmer, Daisy sees her chance but fails and runs away when the bull sniffs at her. Toby hears about the events and shoos the bull away, but Daisy is later teased by some boys when they offer her some "bull's-eyes" sweets.





  • After James puffs past Toby with coaches, the camera cuts to Daisy for about five seconds and then cuts back to Toby, but James is nowhere to be seen. How could James have gone through Elsbridge and round the corner that fast?
  • When the policeman warns Daisy about Champion, the guard doesn't have a mouth.
  • When Champion looks around a small box can be seen at the entrance of the tunnel.
  • Daisy' eye-mechanism is visible when Champion sniffs at her.
  • After Daisy says "Keep your old bull's-eyes!", she turns at the points, but in the shot after that, she is turning again.
  • During the opening scenes at Elsbridge, Daisy has a Co-Bo wheel arrangement (thought to be BoCo's chassis).
  • James has Duck's whistle sound.
  • Daisy has BoCo's horn sound.
  • This episode should have aired before Percy's Predicament, as the events of this episode were mentioned in the other.
  • When Toby meets Daisy in her shed, her face is falling off.



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