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Bulstrode is a highly disagreeable barge who used to work on water. He now resides at Tidmouth Beach as a children's playground.


Bulstrode was used to carry cargo like coal and stone, but always complained about not being loaded fast enough. This annoyed the trucks, but one day Bulstrode ended up getting what he deserved when Percy accidentally pushed trucks off the quay and into his hull. He was then towed to a beach, where he was turned into a children's playground. He remains there today, most likely still grumbling.


Bulstrode is bad-tempered and endlessly complains.


Bulstrode is based on a 1920s self-propelled coastal barge.


Bulstrode is painted cream, black, and red. In the "My First Thomas" range he is painted blue, red and yellow.


Voice Actors

  • Ryōichi Tanaka (Japan)


  • Bulstrode's appearance in the television series is rather different from his Railway Series appearance: in the Railway Series he has two hulls and his face is the same colour as his cab, while in the television series he only has one hull and the standard grey face.