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"Hello, old friend!"
— City of Truro to Duck, Surprise Visitor

City of Truro
  • Number: 3717, originally 3440
  • Built: 1903
  • Builder: GWR Swindon Works
  • Designer: George Jackson Churchward
  • Configuration: 4-4-0
  • Retired: 1961
  • Restored: 1984

City of Truro is a steam engine who holds the record of being the first engine to attain the speed of 100 mp/h. He was designed by George Jackson Churchward and built at GWR Swindon Works in 1903.

Bio in the Railway Series

City of Truro first appeared in Duck and the Diesel Engine when the Railway Society visited. Duck, although shy at first, quickly befriended him, but Gordon was jealous of his record and attempted to go as fast as him, only to have his dome blown off on a viaduct.

City of Truro was later referenced in "Thomas and the Great Railway Show" as being a member of the National Railway Museum.

Bio in the television series

City of Truro also appeared in the third season episode Gordon and the Famous Visitor. His name was not mentioned (though it appeared on a banner) and didn't speak, but, according to Duck, he is a celebrity.

Gordon was jealous of the engine and tried to beat his speed record, only to have his dome blown off.


City of Truro is currently painted in Great Western brunswick green, lined out in orange and black, with black frames and the words, "Great Western" on his tender. In his appearances in the Railway Series and the television series, he had brown frames and the old Great Western Railway crest on his tender.



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