Classic Collection

David Mitton
Steve Asquith


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton
Robert D. Cardona
Phil Fehrle
Simon Spencer


Ringo Starr
Michael Angelis

Music by

Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Robert Hartshorne
Ed Welch


VCI (UK 2004)
ABC for Kids (AU 2007)
2Entertain (UK 2007)
HiT Entertainment
(UK 2008-2010)


November 8th,
2004 (UK)
November 1st,
2006 (AUS)
November 24th, 2008
July 18th, 2010


720 min (Series 1-5)
2215 min (Series 1-11)

The Classic Collection refers to the complete season sets of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends DVDs released in box sets.

Boxsets Over The Years


  • The Complete Series 1
  • The Complete Series 2
  • The Complete Series 3
  • The Complete Series 4
  • The Complete Series 5
  • The Complete Series 6 (2008 and 2010; UK)
  • The Complete Series 7 (2008 and 2010; UK)


  • The Complete First Series to The Complete Fifth Series DVDs were released in the 2004 boxset before they were released individually.
  • The 2010 boxset was to be originally released in November, but came forward as an Asda exclusive on the 18th July. According to The Little Blue Book, a book set to contain three of the first Railway Series titles in one book was to be included with the 2010 boxset, but was never released.
  • The Complete Eleventh Series was first released in the 2010 boxset before the DVD was released individually.


Australian Boxset DVDs

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