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Daisy is a diesel railcar who originally worked on Thomas' Branch Line following her arrival after the events of Thomas Comes to Breakfast.


The Railway Series

Daisy was built specially for service on the Ffarquhar Branch Line. After Thomas was sent to the Works to have his bufferbeam repaired in 1960, Daisy arrived to do his work. Daisy was nasty to Henrietta and Annie and Clarabel, refused to sleep in the Ffarquhar engine sheds on the grounds that it was "smelly" and blatantly refused to pull freight because it was "bad for her swerves". Daisy later called Toby cowardly for having side plates and cowcatchers and claimed that one only needed to "toot and look them in the eye" to shoo animals away. This, of course, was proven false when Daisy tried to shoo an inquisitive bull named Champion. The Fat Controller discovered that Daisy was lazing about, but gave her a second chance after Daisy helped clear up the mess made when Percy crashed into a train of stone. Daisy promised to change her ways.

In 1962, after Douglas claimed all diesels were "devils", Percy used Daisy as an example of a good diesel to try and change his opinions about them.

Once, Mavis sought Daisy's advice about how to show Toby that her method of doing things was correct. This was not exactly the best move, as Daisy knew next to nothing about trucks.

In the latter half of 1990 and the former half of 1991, Daisy was put in charge of Thomas' fast run to Knapford while Thomas was in York. Daisy later claimed that she was not afraid of snow, but changed her mind after getting stuck in a snowdrift for a week.

When Thomas finally returned from York, Daisy was given charge of a special train to bring guests to Knapford for the welcome-home party, but was delayed after running over some cones left inside the crossing gates at Dryaw crossing. She only just made it in time.

In 1993, Daisy, along with Thomas, Percy and Toby, saw Wilbert off when he returned to Gloucestershire.

While the Railway was preparing for the Golden Jubilee of the Railway Series in 1995, Daisy became stranded on the Main Line when the stretch before Dryaw was declared unsafe as rabbits had burrowed beneath it and so she was given the task of ferrying passengers from the airfield to Knapford. She later tried to cheer Henry up when he started to worry about the Golden Jubilee.

In 2007, Daisy teased Percy for being afraid of grass snakes, but was humiliated when she blew a fuse out of fright when a crate of eels dropped beneath her.

In 2011, Daisy attended the ceremony where the bust of the Thin Clergyman was unveiled at Tidmouth.

Thomas & Friends

Daisy was introduced the same way as the Railway Series. After being confronted by the Fat Controller, Daisy had a change of heart.

However, Daisy regained her original attitude later when she ignored Toby's advice about bulls. Daisy has also been seen on the other railway as a unfamiliar diesel.


Daisy is a diesel rail-car, who has been known to consider herself "highly sprung and right up to date". She was brought to help run passenger services on Thomas' Branch Line, while Thomas was "indisposed" after running into the stationmaster's house. She can be hard to please, mostly indignant, and highly opinionated. She is extremely authoritative, trustworthy, and confident in herself and can sometimes boast of her abilities in particular situations, unconcerned, despite having never actually been in such a position before. She will sometimes presume she can show other engines a thing or two, despite knowing little on the matter, until she actually learns for herself.

After arriving on Sodor, Daisy insisted that she required delicate handling and considered pulling trucks and vans to be below her. She was very lazy and stubborn, but the Fat Controller spoke severely to her, telling her that his engines must work hard and that he sends lazy engines away. However, working hard after Percy got himself into a predicament, the Fat Controller felt she deserved another chance. Daisy is now good friends with the other engines on Thomas' Branch Line, tries to work much harder to be a useful engine and is better capable of handling things alone. Daisy is also described as a self-obsessed diesel diva.


Daisy is a BR/Metro-Cammell DMU Class 101/102. She is, however, a single railcar instead of the traditional two-piece unit.


In the Railway Series, Daisy is painted Brunswick green with yellow lining, similar to the livery of the British Railways DMUs in the 1960s. In the television series she is painted a much lighter green. She wears makeup, including eyelashes, red lipstick, blush, and blue eyeshadow.

In the Railway Series, Daisy's face is the same colour as her livery; in the television series it is grey.



Magazine Stories

Annual Stories


  • Daisy was the first female engine introduced in the series.
  • Some of the stories involving Daisy reflect problems that were faced by railway staff when it came to dealing with "highly sprung" diesel engines in the earlier phases of dieselisation.
  • Daisy's second season horn sound is Diesel's in a whole step higher in pitch.
  • Daisy was the only character from the first to third seasons who was not featured on Shining Time Station, although she did appear in Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales.
  • Daisy's classic theme is a musical variation of The Stripper by David Rose.
  • Daisy was known as Marguerite in the French version of the Classic Series.
  • While Daisy has an embedded face in the Railway Series, she was given the traditional grey face masks in the television series. This was most likely to keep her similar to the rest of the engines. Also, it would have been a lot easier to create.


"'Daisy was hard to please. She shuddered at the engine shed.
This is dreadfully smelly!"
she announced. "I'm highly sprung and anything smelly is bad for my swerves!"
Next, they tried the carriage shed.
"This is better,"
said Daisy. "But whatever is that rubbish?!"
The rubbish turned out to be Annie, Clarabel and Henrietta, who were most offended.
"We won't stay here to be insulted!"
they fumed.'
— Daisy insults the coaches, "Daisy", "Branch Line Engines"
"'The Fat Controller spoke severely to Daisy too.
"My engines do not tell lies!"
he said. "They work hard with no shirking. I send lazy engines away!"
Daisy was ashamed.
he went on, "Toby says you worked hard yesterday, after Percy's accident. So you shall have another chance!"
"Thank you, sir!
" said Daisy. "I will work hard, sir. Toby says he'll help me."
"Excellent! What Toby doesn't know about Branch Line problems,"
The Fat Controller chuckled. "Such as er..bulls, isn't worth knowing. Our Toby is an experienced engine!"
— Sir Topham Hatt and Daisy, "Percy's Predicament", "Branch Line Engines"
"'At Ffarquhar Mavis met Daisy.
"Toby's an old fusspot!"
she complained.
Daisy liked Toby, but was glad of a diesel to talk to. "Steam engines," she said. "Have their uses, but they don't understand."
"Toby says that only steam engines can manage trucks properly!"
"What rubbish!"
put in Daisy, who knew nothing about trucks. "Depend upon it my dear, anything steam engines can do, we diesels can do better!""
— Daisy gives Mavis advice, "Mavis", "Tramway Engines"