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This article is about 'the episode'. You may be looking for 'the Buzz Book'.
"What are you doing here?"
"Your worthy Fat/Top - um, Sir Topham Hatt sent me. I hope you are pleased to see me again. I am to shunt some dreadfully tiresome trucks/cars."
"Shunt where?"
"Where? Why from here to there! And again from there to here! Easy, isn't it?
— Duck, Diesel and Percy

Diesel Does It Again is the eighth episode of the third season.


Duck and Percy enjoy their work at the harbour yards pulling trucks to and from the quay, but one day the engines feel exhausted. The Fat Controller understands this and promises that another engine will come and help out. Percy and Duck are very glad to hear this, but their relief turns to shock when none other than Diesel arrives. The two engines, who have not worked with Diesel for a long time, ask him what he is doing there. Diesel tells Percy and Duck that he is to shunt some dreadfully tiresome trucks and to make himself clear, he bumps some trucks hard.

Percy and Duck are horrified as they do not trust Diesel and refuse to work with him and do not leave the harbour shed. The Fat Controller is enjoying his tea when he gets a call on the telephone saying that there is trouble at the harbour yard. Diesel is working loudly and alone and as a result the work starts to pile up as the cargo and passengers are delayed on the quay. People soon start complaining about the railway.

The Fat Controller demands an explanation from Percy and Duck and they explain that they will not work with Diesel. The Fat Controller tells the two that he has to give Diesel a second chance as he was the only engine available and is trying to help Percy and Duck out by bringing him to the harbour, demanding that the two go back to work. With no choice, Percy and Duck do as they are told.

Next morning, things are no better as Diesel's driver had not put Diesel's brakes on properly and he bumps straight into Percy without apologising. Later, Diesel bumps some trucks so hard that the loads fall everywhere. Percy and Duck are worried as to what the Fat Controller will say, but they do not want to tell on Diesel since they do not want to be called "tattle-tales."

That afternoon, Diesel, now thinking he can get away with anything, is ruder than ever as he shunts some trucks full of China Clay. He bumps the trucks into some buffers, but the buffers are not secure, leading the trucks to sink into the sea. That evening, the trucks are lifted out of the sea, but the clay is lost. The Fat Controller is furious with Diesel, telling him that things worked better at the harbour before he arrived. He will be sent away again, only this time he will not be invited back. He then tells Duck and Percy that they will have to handle all the work by themselves again. Percy and Duck, knowing that extra work is preferable to working with Diesel, gladly agree and start their jobs as Diesel slinks away.




  • In an original UK narration, when the Fat Controller is telling Diesel off, he says "The harbourmaster has told me everything." This is omitted in all following UK versions.
  • In the US narration, the line "Then, in a quiet hurt voice, he added" is missing.
  • In the restored version, Percy stops rolling his eyes after being bumped by Diesel.
  • Vienna from TUGS can be seen in the background; the liner was later repainted and called S.S. Roxstar.


  • In one scene, Percy has Thomas' tired face mask on.
  • When Thomas is seen leaving the station, he blows off steam, but it suddenly disappears as another train comes in, thus indicating a film cut.
  • The trucks Diesel shoved and made spill their loads were overloaded in the first place. In addition, the trucks hit the end of the set, as Diesel's wheels continue moving.
  • The narrator says that Diesel scowled when he bumped into Percy, but he looks happy.
  • Brakevans should have been added to Percy and Duck's trains.


Percy: What will the Fat Controller say?
Duck: He won't like it.
Diesel: So who's going to tell him I wonder? Two little goody-goody tell-tales like you I suppose.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Finnish Diesel iskee jälleen Diesel Strikes Again
Italian Diesel ci riprova Diesel Tries Again
German Schon Wieder Diesel Already Again Diesel
Welsh O...Disl! Oh...Diesel!
Norwegian Diesel gjør det igjen Diesel Does it Again
Japanese ディーゼルがかえってきた Diesel Has been Rather
Spanish Diesel Lo Hace De Nuevo Diesel Does it Again
Polish Powrót Diesla The Return of the Diesel Engine
Slovenian Poredna Dizelska Lokomotiva Naughty Diesel Engine
Dutch Diesel doet het weer Diesel Does it Again
Russian Дизель снова это делает Diesel Does it Again
Ukrainian Дизель знову за своє Diesel Again for His
Romanian Diesel O Face Din Nou Diesel Does it Again
Slovak Diesel zase hnevá Diesel Angry Again
Hungarian Dízel Újabb Hibája Diesel's Another Mistake
Czech Diesel znova zlobí Diesel Angry Again
Swedish Diesel gjør det igjen Diesel Does it Again
Chinese 再来一次 Again
Danish Diesel gør det igen Diesel Does it Again
Thai ดีเซลหยาบคาย Diesel is Rude
Korean 다시 만난 디젤 Meeting Diesel Again

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