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"Toothache? He's got teething troubles. That means he's new and is causing some problems. In his case it's in his cooling system."
— Duck explaining teething troubles to the twins

Double Teething Troubles is the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


Bill and Ben have been working hard in the clay mines and quarries near Brendam Docks. Their jobs are important and can make them naughty, especially when they become very hot and dirty for the twins.

One day, Bill and Ben indeed become very naughty and argue over who has rights to some trucks in front of them. When BoCo shows up he tells the twins to stop quarrelling and tries to warn the two of getting in trouble with the Fat Controller, but the two ignore him and collide into each other at the points when they both try to take the trucks. The Fat Controller eventually intervenes and warns Bill and Ben to behave better, and then decides to send a diesel to help them, and hopes that he will make a good impression. BoCo also suggests that the twins just simply go back to work right away. Meanwhile, The Fat Controller has doubts about the idea, as he is concerned that the new diesel may have teething troubles more than confusion.

The Fat Controller is right; the new diesel, Derek, is having issues while going up Gordon's Hill, and, while halfway up his engine coughs causing black smoke to billow out of his exhaust. BoCo is then prompted to rescue him, who apologises for the breakdown and explains he has teething troubles. The news soon spreads, and Thomas explains the issue was caused by a malfunctioning cooling system. Percy misunderstands Thomas, and thinks he has "toothache." Percy then tells Bill and Ben about Derek and wishes them good luck, as they know they need another to help out. A manager then arrives and sends the twins to take their loads from the quarry to the docks, where they will be resting as there is hard work to be done the next morning.

That evening, Bill and Ben take their loads to sidings by the quay and head off to the sheds where Duck is resting. Duck, noticing the twins' worried looks, tells the twins that "teething troubles" means that Derek is new but is having frequent breakdowns, making the twins even more nervous.

The next day, Bill and Ben prepare their load of trucks until Derek arrives at the Clay Pits and helps the twins with a long train of China Clay Trucks by pushing from behind with Bill and Ben pulling at the front. However, during the journey, they come to a hill and another breakdown from Derek occurs from overheating. Bill and Ben pull him and the trucks and it works.

That night, The Fat Controller arrives at the sheds and congratulates Bill and Ben for their hard work and explains that Derek is sent to the works. Bill and Ben properly make up in the end, agree to manage their work alone, and apologise to BoCo for being rude and, explain that Derek was very friendly, and Duck explains that friends always say goodnight to each others, and all four engines talk about teething troubles all night long.




  • Stock footage from Cranky Bugs is used.
  • Teething troubles usually occur while steam engines, Diesels, and other machinery are operating for the first time after being constructed or restored to working order.
  • In the American narration, the lines "his wheels spun and then there was trouble", "And then it happened", and "...or I shall send you to your sheds" are absent.


  • It's said that Bill and Ben heard an unfamiliar whistle (Derek's), but Diesels have horns.
  • A grey cord can be seen in Bill's cab when he's in the shed at the end.
  • In the first close-up of BoCo, his front wheels are derailed.
  • During the first night scene in the shed, a grey cord can be seen stretching along Bill's side.
  • S. C. Ruffey is seen briefly, but he is supposed to be trapped in a mine.
  • Bill, Ben, and Derek's train should have had a brakevan.


  • Bill: "That's my line of trucks/cars!"
  • Ben: "It's not. It's mine! Yours is over there!"
  • Bill: "'It's mine!"
  • Ben: "'It's not!"
  • Bill: "'It's mine!"
  • Ben: "'It's not!"
  • (BoCo shows up)
  • BoCo: "Stop quarrelling you two or the only thing you'll have left to share is..."
  • (Bill and Ben race towards the trucks but collide with each other at the points)
  • BoCo: "...trouble!"
  • Bill: "Silly!"
  • Ben: "Silly yourself!"


  • Percy: "Hey you two! This new diesel's got toothache. Good luck!"
  • Bill: "Why does Percy want to wish us good luck?"
  • Ben: "Because he'll know we'll need it, a diesel with a toothache must be the worst diesel of all!"


  • Derek: "I'm overheating again!"
  • Bill: "Oh pah!"

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Problemas de Convivencia Coexistence Troubles
Norwegian Bill og Ben er urolige Bill and Ben are Restless
Italian Un Diesel Novellino A Diesel Rookie
Japanese なかよくやろうよ Let's Get Along
Welsh Trafferthion Troubles
Greek Διπλό δυσκολίες στο ξεκίνημα Double Difficulties at the Start
Danish Diesel har startvanskeligheder Diesel Has Teething Problems
Slovenian Začetniške težave Teething Troubles
Russian Двойная проблема с зубами Double Trouble With Teeth
Chinese 双重牙齿有问题 Dual Dental Problems
Korean 쌍둥이 기관차 Twin Engine
Romanian Probleme cu Răcirea Problems with Cooling
Slovak Dvojité zubné problémy Double Dental Problems
Hungarian Fogas Gondok Gear Problems
German Kinderkrankheiten Teething
Polish Kłopoty Wieku Dziecięcego The Troubles of Children
Swedish Tvilling Trubbel Twin Trouble
Dutch Kinderziektes Teething
Thai หัวรถจักรฝาแฝดเถียงกัน Engine Twins Argued

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