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"I told you so. Why not let Henry try?"
— Gordon

Edward, Gordon and Henry, retitled Henry to the Rescue in American releases, is the fourth episode of the first season.


Gordon always pulls the big Express and is proud to be the only one strong enough to do so. One day, he heads down the line, when he sees Henry's Tunnel, where Henry has been left bricked up and abandoned for refusing to come out. Henry feels sorry for himself, because of the time he worried about the rain spoiling his green paint and red stripes and begins to wonder if the Fat Controller will ever forgive him and let him out again because he did not know how to ask and would like to come out of the tunnel.

Gordon plans to whistle rudely at Henry, but goes so fast that his safety valve bursts, and is forced to stop just in front of the tunnel. The Fat Controller is angry and orders for another engine to come take the Express, while Gordon is uncoupled and moved onto a siding. Henry sees what happened and can only laugh.

Edward is summoned to take the express, but finds that he is not strong enough to take it. Gordon suggests that Henry should be let out of the tunnel to pull and the Fat Controller agrees. Henry is freed from the tunnel and pulls the express with Edward pushing from behind. The Fat Controller sticks his head out the window to wave to the engines, but train moves quickly enough that his hat is blown off into a field where a goat eats it for tea. The two keep running until they reach the station at the end of the line and on the way home help Gordon back to the sheds.

Henry is rewarded with a new coat of paint, and now knows that he does not have to run into a tunnel to keep his paint dry, but does not mind the rain, and still asks his driver to give him a washdown after the day's work is done.




  • This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, The Three Railway Engines.
  • This episode is the first of a few things:
    • The first episode where Thomas does not appear.
    • The first episode to use stock footage.
    • The first episode to use the opening jingle, which would be used throughout Season 1 and a few episodes of Season 2.
  • Stock footage from The Sad Story of Henry is used.
  • One of James' trucks has NE written on it in the opening scene.


  • In a deleted scene, a circuit-board can be seen near the tracks.
  • A deleted scene shows the Fat Controller wearing his hat at Wellsworth despite losing it on the way.
  • Ringo Starr's US narration is slightly out of sync from the point when Henry leaves the tunnel to when he arrives at Wellsworth.
  • When Gordon says "I'm going to poop, poop at Henry," studio equipment is visible in the top right corner. As Gordon slows down, studio equipment is visible in the top right corner and his drive wheels are going backwards.
  • After being uncoupled from his coaches, as Gordon passes over the points, his trailing wheels jam as he moves offscreen.
  • When Gordon moves to the siding, he passes the points and the coaches later change position without explanation.
  • When Gordon says "Edward can't push the train," his eyes shift very quickly, indicating a film cut.
  • When Edward and Henry set off, Gordon is derailed.
  • While Henry is in the tunnel, his face is covered with black dust, but in the close up of Henry going backwards from the tunnel, he is spotless because it is footage from earlier episodes. The same thing happens after Henry has pulled the express through the tunnel. And when he arrives at the station, he is spotless again.
  • Gordon sets off from Knapford and heads towards Vicarstown. When Edward and Henry set off, they head in the same direction but ended up at Wellsworth, which is in the opposite direction.
  • Because stock footage is used, the scene where the Fat Controller tells Henry to turn around is darker and blue ink can be seen smeared on his hand.
  • Gordon's express has two brake coaches.
  • When Edward and Henry set off, you can see that as the scene ends, the last coach is passing Gordon, but in the next scene, the coach can be seen passing him again. Also, in that same scene, Gordon is derailed.
  • When Henry passes the goat, Edward is not behind the train.
  • In the close-up of Henry when he is coming out of the tunnel, his cylinder red stripe is sticking out.
  • When the Fat Controller asks Henry to pull the train Gordon is not seen in front of the buffers.
  • Blu-Tack is visible under some of the people's feet.
  • No wall was built behind Henry.
  • When Edward says "I'm ready," he already starts to move because stock footage from earlier in the episode is used.
  • The narrator says that Gordon, Henry, and Edward are heading to Tidmouth Sheds, but when they got there, Edward is missing.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Edward, Gordon y Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Norwegian Edward, Gordon og Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Welsh Edward, Gordon a Henri Edward, Gordon and Henry
Hebrew אדי, גורדון והנרי Eddie, Gordon and Henry
Japanese ヘンリーだいかつやく Henry's Big Success
French Edouard, Gordon et Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Italian Libertà Ritrovata Newfound Freedom
German Gordon in Not Gordon In Need
Finnish Edward Jori ja Henri Edward, Gordon and Henry
Dutch Edward, Gordon en Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Slovenian Edvard, Gorazd in Henrik Edward, Gordon and Henry
Croatian Edo, Gordon i Hrvoje Edward, Gordon and Henry
Polish Edek, Gabryś i Henio Edward, Gordon and Henry
Russian Вновь обретенная Свобода New Freedom
Hungarian Edward, Gordon és Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Danish Edward, Gordon og Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Swedish Edward, Gordon och Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Romanian Edward, Gordon şi Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Chinese 艾德华,高登和亨利 Edward, Gordon and Henry
Korean 세 친구 Three Friends
Slovak Eduard, Gordon a Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Czech Edward, Gordon a Henry Edward, Gordon and Henry
Serbian Edvard, Gordon i Henri Edward, Gordon and Henry
Brazilian Portuguese O Resgate de Henry Henry's Rescue
Thai เฮนรี่ช่วยได้ Henry Rescued

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