This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the lorry.
"Oh, it's you. Have you learned to drive yet?"
— Elizabeth
Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry/
Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Paul Larson


Michael Angelis (UK)
Alec Baldwin (US)

Air date

September 20th,
2002 (UK)
October 25th
2002 (AUS)
January 17th,
2003 (Canada)
March 29th,
2003 (JPN)
February 16th,
2004 (KOR)
September 3rd,
2009 (HUN)

Previous episode

A Bad Day for Harold
the Helicopter
A Bad Day for Harold

Next episode

The Fogman

Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry, retitled Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck in American releases, is the fifth episode of the sixth season.


Thomas is pulling a special to Brendam. It is heavy, but needs to get to the docks in time for a boat. He is puffing so hard that his siderods fall off. Thomas' crew see an old disused shed, which Thomas thinks is haunted. But instead of finding a ghost inside, Thomas' crew discover a vintage Sentinel lorry named Elizabeth. She has been sheeted for many years, and has not been out since. Thomas' fireman puts some of Thomas' coal in her fire, and soon she is out and working again.

After saying rude things to Thomas, she drives off to the works to get new siderods for him. She still is not quite ready, and discovers that her engine can only just manage hills. But at last she returns, and Thomas sets off to the docks. He arrives just in time for the boat, but the Fat Controller is cross that he was almost late. Thomas explains about his siderods, and is just about to tell him about how rude Elizabeth was, when she pulls up. It turns out the Fat Controller drove Elizabeth when he was younger, and he has Jem Cole restore her to her original beauty.




  • On PBS Kids Sprout airings, the UK title was used.
  • The shed Thomas' crew find Elizabeth in was later used as Toby's shed at Arlesdale End in the New Series.
  • This is the last episode that Jem Cole is referred to by name.
  • The CITV continuity of this episode during the end credits featured Leah holding up a drawing of Thomas, James and Percy sent in by fellow Wikia user and Thomas fan, Daniel Coffey, after it's second airing on 17 February 2003.


  • In some close-ups of Elizabeth, her eye mechanism is visible inside her cab.
  • The right-hand pillar (viewer perspective) of the bridge Elizabeth goes under wobbles a bit.
  • When Elizabeth says "Have you learned to drive properly yet?", the steam Thomas blows disappears and reappears due to a film cut.
  • At the end of the British narration, the Fat Controller uses the American term "railroad".
  • How was Elizabeth able to drive to Brendam? Thomas' driver drove her, but she was left nearby the old shed.
  • There appear to be two Jem Cole's at the end; one with Sir Topham Hatt and one driving Trevor.
  • When Thomas passes the signal box there's no one here but a few seconds later Donald can be seen pulling some milk tankers



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