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When Thomas was given his branch line, a small shed was built for him at Ffarquhar.

Ffarquhar Shed began as a red-brick single shed built for Thomas, but when the Fat Controller bought Toby and Henrietta from East Anglia to Sodor, a new white-brick shed and the carriage shed were added on. The shed remained so until Percy left Tidmouth to work at the harbour when the white-brick shed was given another line.

In the Railway Series, the Carriage Shed is right next to the engine shed. When Daisy arrived, Henrietta was moved to Knapford with Toby, to take the workmen every morning there. But Toby still stay in this shed from time to time during the day.

In the television series, the shed was only used by the three engines in the second season. From the third season onwards, Thomas, Percy and Toby slept at Tidmouth Sheds and the sheds were used on the Works set. In the fifth season, Toby relocated to Arlesdale End, on his branch line.



  • In the television series, the shed appears to be located outside of Tidmouth Station instead of at Ffarquhar.