Fun Time Favourites is a UK VHS containing three first season episodes, one fourth season episode, three third season episodes, four second season episode, and one fifth season episode. The first and second season episodes are narrated by Ringo Starr and the third, fourth and fifth season episodes by Michael Angelis.


This special edition collectors box has been compiled for Thomas enthusiasts everywhere. Voted for by Thomas fans, it includes episodes featuring everyone's favourite friends, in one fun filled video.

From Percy, the junior member of the team, to Harold the Helicopter, Bertie the Bus and Gordon, the senior member of the team, this video signals fun time for everyone!


  1. Thomas Gets Bumped
  2. Percy Runs Away
  3. Edward and Gordon
  4. Toby's Discovery
  5. James and the Express
  6. Edward's Exploit
  7. All at Sea
  8. Henry and the Elephant
  9. Bertie's Chase
  10. Thomas and Trevor
  11. The Runaway
  12. Henry's Forest


  • The episodes on this video were chosen by Thomas fans.


  • Edward's Exploit is mistakenly called "Edward's Exploits."