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"You're a gallant little engine!"
— Rheneas' driver

Gallant Old Engine is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season. It aired in the US on the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Splish Splash Splosh in 1996.


Duncan is grumbling about being overworked, not being polished and especially passengers. Skarloey is dismayed by Duncan's stubbornness and attitude, especially in regards to the time he stopped on a viaduct in protest and bluntly tells him that he hopes Rheneas, who is due to return home soon, can talk some sense into him. When Duncan demands to know what Rheneas has to do with passengers, Skarloey points out that Rheneas single-handedly saved the Skarloey Railway.

At Peter Sam's insistence, Skarloey tells the two engines about the railway prior to when they arrived. It had been facing hard times and faced the threat of closure if the engines couldn't keep it running. Skarloey had been feeling sick, so Rheneas did his work for him, always reaching a station to rest no matter how tired he felt. Skarloey explains to an annoyed Duncan that Rheneas did this so as not to upset his passengers, as they get cross when a train stops where it shouldn't. He then recalls a time that Rheneas stopped in the wrong place.

That day, the weather had been poor and Rheneas was puffing home with a full train, including passengers in the brake van. His wheels kept slipping on the hill, but he had finally made it to the top and was heading back down when his valve gear on one side jammed, forcing him to stop in the middle of nowhere. Rheneas' crew fixed him up as best they could and urged him to get the passengers to the next station. Rheneas promised to do so and continued on. Despite feeling too sore and tired to continue, he kept going, knowing that the railway could close if he failed. After one last valiant effort, Rheneas finally reached the station. The passengers thanked him and promised to tell their friends about the railway. Rheneas' driver praised his "gallant little engine" and promised to fix him up ready for tomorrow.

Skarloey concludes his story by explaining that Rheneas was always "ready for tomorrow." A humbled Duncan admits he was wrong and thanks Skarloey for telling him about Rheneas.

The next day, Edward brings Rheneas home and a big celebration is held from the Skarloey Engines and some of the standard gauge engines. Rheneas is delighted to be back, especially with Skarloey and says he feels he truly has come home.





  • Rheneas is wearing Smudger's sad face when he passes Skarloey in the first part of the flashback. Also, he and Skarloey are on Duke's old line.
  • Throughout all of the field scenes, a wire is visible under Rheneas and one of his coaches.
  • Henry and Sir Handel look grumpy when Edward puffs in with Rheneas.
  • When Rheneas is on the causeway, he has Duke's whistle sound.
  • Sir Handel has Rheneas' whistle sound.
  • When Rheneas arrives at Skarloey Station, his eyes abruptly change position, indicating a film cut.
  • Gordon has Duck's whistle sound.
  • In the UK narration, the engines start whistling long before the narrator says they do.
  • Gordon's buffer is crooked in one scene.
  • When the passengers begin thanking Rheneas, Jem Cole is standing alone. Then in the next scene, he is standing with the Refreshment Lady amongst others.
  • In a deleted scene of Rheneas, Skarloey and Duncan at the Sheds, Rheneas is wearing one of Sir Handel's face masks.
  • On the US Digital Download release, the Thomas theme song is heard in the left audio channel when Skarloey talks about how he and Rheneas had to keep the trains running.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Norwegian Det tapre lokomotivet The Brave Engine
Italian La locomotiva coraggiosa The Courageous Engine
Dutch Een Keurige Locomotief A Neat Engine
Japanese ゆうかんなきかんしゃ Brave Engine
German Tapfere alte Lok Brave Old Engine
Finnish Urhea Vanha Veturi Brave Old Engine
Welsh Hen Injan Ddewr Brave Old Engine
Danish Den tapre lokomotiv The Brave Engine
Spanish Una locomotora muy valiente A Very Brave Engine
Czech Statečná mašinka Brave Engine
Chinese 神勇老火车 Brave Old Train
Russian Доблестный старый паровоз Valiant Old Steam Locomotive
Ukrainian Доблесний старий паровоз Valiant Old Locomotive
Slovenian Junaška stara lokomotiva Heroic Old Locomotive
Romanian Locomotiva Cea Veche Galantă The Old Gallant Locomotive
Slovak Galantná stará lokomotíva Gallant Old Locomotive
Hungarian A Lelkiismeretes Mozdony The Conscientious Locomotive
Polish Stary Wielki Parowóz Old Great Locomotive
Swedish Galant Gamla Lok Gallant Old Locomotives
Greek Γενναίος παλιά ατμομηχανή Brave Old Engine
Brazilian Portuguese Pequeno forte trem Strong Small Train
Thai เรเนียร์ส หัวรถจักรอดทน Rheneas' Engine Patience

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