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Henry and the Elephant is a book.


Henry and Gordon missed Thomas when he went to run his branch line. The Fat Controller gives them a new coat of paint but it did no good. Then a circus arrived and Edward, James, Gordon, and Henry all want to pull the circus train. But James was chosen to pull it. This made the three other engines cross. Later Henry has to bring some workmen to a blocked tunnel. The workmen go in, and then run out. They said there was something moving inside. The foremen told Henry to push the thing, but Henry doesn't want to, and neither does his driver, but they push any way. Henry goes in and then... BUMP! Henry was pushed out of the tunnel by an elephant! The workmen run to the telephone and after that they ate lunch they gave the elephant some sandwiches. Later the elephant drank three buckets of water but then Henry blew off steam and made the elephant jump, and splash water all over Henry. The animal keeper then arrives and takes the elephant home. That night, Henry told Gordon and James that he had a bad day.




  • On the cover, the elephant is in a truck without couplings.
  • In two illustrations, a workman is seen holding onto Henry's funnel. This is very dangerous, as his hands could have been burned due to the heat.
  • In one illustration at Elsbridge, Gordon is seen pulling only one express coach.
  • In the last illustration, Henry's wheels and wheel arches are out of alignment.
  • Because bogies and tender wheels are not fitted with brakes, Henry's should not have been sparking whilst he was being pushed backwards.