Hornby Railways produces a series of 00-gauge model engines, track, accessories, and box sets based on the characters of Thomas and Friends. The track is standard Hornby track; therefore the range is compatible with their main range. This range is designed for somewhat older children than most Thomas toys, as young children are likely to find Hornby trains quite fiddly and the higher price and level of detail than cheaper plastic toys make rough handling of the toys by young children unadvisable.

Hornby launched its range in its current form in 1985, shortly after the debut of the television series. It mainly utilises modified versions of existing Hornby engines.


Rolling Stock


  • Water Tower and Signal Box pack (retired)
  • Radio-Controlled Sound System (discontinued)
  • Maithwaite Station (retired)
  • Water Tower (retired)
  • Signal Box (retired)
  • Double Engine Shed (retired)
  • Tunnel (retired)
  • Goods Yard Crane (retired)
  • Dryaw Station (retired)
  • Windmill (retired)
  • Another Signal Box (retired)
  • Two lime wagons
  • Station and platform (cancelled)
  • Engine shed (cancelled)
  • Goods shed (cancelled)
  • Signal box (cancelled)
  • Water tower and crane (cancelled)
  • Footbridge (cancelled)
  • Platform with canopy (cancelled)


  • Thomas Set
  • Gordon Set
  • James Set
  • Percy Set
  • Diesel Set
  • Duck Set
  • Thomas and Percy Set
  • Thomas' Musical Ride Set
  • Thomas and Bertie Set
  • Radio-Controlled Thomas
  • Radio-Controlled Thomas and Percy
  • Radio-Controlled Toby
  • Thomas Passenger Set
  • James Passenger Set
  • Percy at the Circus Set
  • Thomas and Bill Set
  • Thomas Set (reintroduced 2012)
  • Thomas and Percy (cancelled)
  • Thomas and Friends Passenger and Goods (retired)
  • Percy and the Night Mail Set
  • Thomas and the Breakdown Train Set


  • Bill and Ben's models originally had yellow wheels.
  • Emily is a repainted GWR Dean Achilles Class model. However, this has been highly criticized by modelers, as it is very inaccurate to Emily's true basis.
  • To date, Percy is the only engine to have been built from scratch. All other models use existing bodies from previous Hornby models.
  • Spencer's wheels are black.
  • Edward is a repainted 'Shire' class, minus cylinders and valve gear.
  • Flying Scotsman appears in Thomas and Friends with two tenders, but the Hornby model only has one.
  • For an unknown reason, 'Arry and Bert's faces look like Splatter and Dodge's.
  • Bertie was first released in 1987 in a Thomas and Bertie set. He was later released seperately in 2005.
  • The mail coaches originally had four wheels; now, they have eight.
  • Flying Scotsman has Gordon's face.
  • Edward's model has external steam pipes protruding from his smokebox.
  • Duck and Diesel had prototype faces when they were featured in the 1987 catalouge.
  • Murdoch's name is written in black on his nameplates.