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"Cinders and ashes!"
— Thomas

It's Only Snow is the ninth episode of the sixth season.


It is winter on the Island of Sodor. The engines do not mind the weather because they love this time of the year, especially when the stations look festive due to the decorations. There is plenty of work with passengers and parcels to be delivered, no matter the weather. At Knapford Station, Edward tells the other engines that his driver said that there is more snow on the way. James, in an angry mood, says that they will soon be wearing their snowploughs, and Henry asks Thomas if he will be enjoying it. Thomas, also in an angry mood, tells them that he never will like it because he hates wearing his snowplough.

That night, the wind is blowing and the snow is falling heavily. In the morning, Thomas has to take a Christmas Tree to the village with Toby, and is very angry when he has to wear his old snowplough. The Fat Controller assures him that everyone needs to wear a snowplough during the winter. On the way to the village, Thomas' snowplough runs into a rock on the track. It flies off to the side, and destroys a water tower. Thomas' driver does not think they can continue, but Thomas is determined to reach the station. He pushes the snow away as hard as he can, and soon reaches the village. The villagers are very pleased with their tree.

The following morning, the Fat Controller praises Thomas' bravery taking on the snow without a snowplough. As a result of this, Thomas is told he will have to do without a snowplough for a while, leaving him feeling very proud.




  • Stock footage from A Friend in Need is used.
  • The scene of Thomas collecting the Christmas tree was originally at Brendam.
  • This is the only time Thomas uses a snowplough other than his blue one.
  • In Sweden this episode is named "Only Snow". In Denmark it is called "Snow".


  • Thomas ploughs the snow away without his snowplough, but when he attempted this in previous episodes, he got stuck.
  • The Fat Controller says that all of the engines need to wear snowploughs, but Edward is not wearing one.
  • When Thomas hits the water tower, he derails yet still manages to carry on.
  • Thomas has a different snowplough.
  • Brakevans should have been added to Thomas and Percy's trains.
  • When Thomas and Toby are at Maithwaite, Toby's face is loose.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たかがゆき It's Only Snow
Norwegian Det er bare Snø It's Only Snow
Swedish Bara Snö Only Snow
Italian Quanta neve! How Much Snow!
Danish Snevejr Snow
Welsh Dim Ond Eira Just Snow
Hungarian A Hóeke The Snowplough
Russian Это всего лишь снег It's Just Snow
Slovenian Saj je Samo Sneg It's Just Snow
Czech Je to Jen Sníh It's Just Snow
Romanian Zăpadă Pretutindeni Snow Everywhere
Slovak Je to Len Sneh It's Just Snow
Polish To Tylko Śnieg It's Only Snow
Chinese 下雪了 Snowing
Korean 트리 운반 Tree Transport
Dutch Het is maar sneeuw It's Only Snow
Thai เครื่องกวาดหิมะของโธมัส Thomas' Snowplow

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