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Jem Cole is Trevor's and George's driver and is a good friend of the Rev. Charles Laxey. He has his own yard at Killaban.


The Railway Series

He was Trevor's driver prior to the traction engine being sent to Crocks Scrap Yard to be cut up. After Edward convinced the Vicar of Wellsworth to help save Trevor, Jem restored and demonstrated him to the Vicar and his two sons. Thankfully, the Vicar was able to buy Trevor for cheap and continued to hire Jem's services as a driver and mechanic whenever one was required. He also tutored the Vicar's eldest son on how to drive and maintain Trevor.

Thomas & Friends

Jem, along with Farmer Trotter and others, was a part of the rescue team which found Duke. He seems to be very knowledgeable about road steam traction, as he has also driven George. Jem Cole is a skilled mechanic, as shown when he restored Elizabeth and an old narrow gauge coach into a Refreshment Coach.


He dresses in typical farmer clothing with a brown fedora, a red/orange vest, white button down shirt, brown trousers and black rubber boots.


Magazine Stories

  • 1988 - Thomas and Trevor (cameo)
  • 1993 - Trevor to the Rescue! (does not speak)
  • 1997 - Trevor's Christmas Surprise]]
  • 1999 - Summer Fun!
  • 2000 - Terence and Trevor!
  • 2002 - James and the Bees (cameo)

Annual Stories

Voice Actors


  • Jem Cole's appearance changed slightly in the third season, most noticeably his eyes.