Killdane (previously Keeill-y-Deighan, or the "Church of the Devil", originating from the circle of standing stones on the plateau above the village) is a town on the Main Line and the junction for the Peel Godred Branch Line. An hourly (half-hourly at peak times) service is provided and four passenger trains are pulled along the branch from here by electric locomotives daily. A group of standing stones is located on the hill just north of the town.

In 1935, Henry crashed into a goods train here whilst pulling "The Flying Kipper".

In 1967, a ballast processing plant and distribution centre was set up by the Arlesdale Ballast and Granite Company. A motorail terminal was also opened here in 1977. The Sodor Ironworks is located south of the town.


  • In the television series, the station has the same structure as Wellsworth.


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