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Kirk Ronan (Sudric for Ronan's Church) is a town on Sodor's southern coast and the terminus of the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.


The name is derived from St. Ronan, a 6th century Irish missionary of the Iona School. The church here is dedicated to him. The Hawin Croka flows from here into the Irish Sea.

Until the 1860's, Kirk Ronan was a fishing port. In 1865, the town was reached by the Sodor and Mainland Railway, which was the first standard gauge railway in the Island. They hoped to start a steamer service from Kirk Ronan to Dublin on Ireland. This project failed, but the Crovan's Gate Mining Company used the harbour extensively for the shipment of ore from Ward Fell. Due to the collapse of the S&MR's tunnel through the Ballahoo Ridge, their trains only ran between here and Ballahoo. Skarloey and Rheneas arrived from Whitehaven here, in 1865 and 1866 respectivly.

Following the amalgamation of the Sudrian railways into the North Western Railway in 1915, the line to Kirk Ronan was demoted to branch line status. In 1920 the NWR started daily sailings to Dublin from here, and had enough success to disturb the LMS. Sailings to Dublin still continue, but following the Agreement of 1925, they are on Tuesdays and Fridays, as a local service only.

In the Television Series

In the television series, the station only appeared in the fith season as a terminus station, seemingly replacing Knapford. It has four platforms and four terminal tracks, with half the station covered by a glass roof. The station building is on the western platform. A panoramic view is situated over tracks 1 and 2.

Its first appearance was in A Better View for Gordon, when Gordon went on a trial run there after construction had been completed. Later, at the grand opening, his brakes malfunctioned and he ran through the buffers, causing major damage to both himself and the station wall. The wall was soon repaired, and, as an extra adjustment, a custom-made hole was made in the wall where Gordon crashed, named "Gordon's View", and intended as a panoramic view for Gordon.

The Pudding Factory, the Toy Factory, the Sodor Bakery, the Cement Works and The Big Dipper are all located near Kirk Ronan.


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