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Mail Vans are a type of van used to transport letters and parcels. They form The Mail Train, which is usually pulled by either Thomas or Percy. Oliver was once briefly transferred to the service and at times when the train is unable to run, Harold usually deputises for it.

Occasionally, mail is carried out on flatbeds or trucks.


The mail vans are based on British Railways' General Utility Vans (GUVs), previously known as Covered Carriage Trucks (CCTs). These vans were designed primarily for the transportation of letters and parcels and based on the BR Mark 2 coach design.


In the Railway Series, the mail vans were painted plain brown. In the television series, the mail vans are painted crimson with grey roofs. In the Model Series, they had "SODOR MAIL" on both sides.


  • From the third to fifth season, the mail vans were made out of Tenmille gauge 1 Utility van kits. From the sixth season onwards, they were scratch built.
  • In the third and fourth seasons, two separate trains were pulled by Thomas and Percy as the load was too heavy for one engine to do the work alone.
  • The mail vans have gone through a couple modifications over the years:
    • Season 6:
      • Their roofs became slightly larger.
      • Their bufferbeams are lowered.
      • They became slightly taller.
      • Their liveries became slightly darker.
  • The Capsule Plarail models are repainted from JNR Coach's toys.