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Mavis is a female Diesel engine who works for the Ffarquhar Quarry Company at Anopha Quarry.


The Railway Series

Mavis was supplied by the Drewry Car Company and sent to Sodor in 1962. Mavis was particularly fond of putting the trucks at Anopha Quarry in different places, despite Toby's protests. Toby finally lost patience and left Mavis to her own devices. Mavis, urged by Daisy, started to ignore Toby's advice and ended up looking silly when she got stuck in the middle of a crossing outside Ffarquhar.

Mavis was then forbidden to leave the quarry, but when a thaw increased production at Anopha Quarry, Mavis persuaded the manager to let her go up to the first crossing in order to shunt trucks quicker and formulated a plan to pass the level crossing with help from the trucks. However, the plan backfired when the trucks decided to bump Toby instead and he ended up being suspended by flimsy rails over a rushing stream and Mavis had to help. Mavis confessed, but the Fat Controller and the Manager were pleased by Mavis' courage and honesty and allowed her occasional trips to Ffarquhar.

In 1987, Mavis was involved in a collision with a lorry and Toby had to do her work while she was absent.

Thomas & Friends

When she was introduced, just like in the Railway Series, Mavis continuously put Anopha Quarry's trucks in different places, much to Toby's frustration. Toby finally left Mavis to put the trucks wherever she wanted. Mavis was supported to do so by Diesel and took the trucks to a level crossing, where the trucks held her back and she got stuck on the crossing, trapping Bertie and Terence. Mavis was rescued by Toby and sent back to the quarry. She felt embarrassed after the accident and upset when she was forbidden to leave the quarry. Percy tried to knock some sense into her, but she refused to listen. She eventually made a plan with the trucks to go as far up the line as possible, but this resulted in putting Toby in danger. Mavis rescued Toby and the Fat Controller let her go further down the line occasionally.

In the fourth season, Mavis was one of the engines who took over the jobs of the engines who went to England. In the fifth season, she had clearly matured, and she and Toby received help at the quarry from Stepney, who was visiting the railway.

In the sixth season, she was able to keep Bill and Ben in order. When Salty came to work at the quarry, he was upset that he was not working by the sea, so Mavis did her best to comfort him, while trying to stop Bill and Ben from complaining about Salty's talent with working with trucks. Mavis tried to stop Bill from being so jealous and grumpy when Ben went to get new buffers.

In the seventh season, Fergus was sent to help Mavis and the twins. Mavis got on well with Fergus and helped him out of a rockslide caused by Bill and Ben.


Mavis was arrogant until being brought down to earth after her embarrassing incident at the Ffarquhar crossing. Despite this, Mavis is reliable, honest, hard-working engine, and shows respect for the steam engines.


Mavis is a BR Class 04 0-6-0 fitted with additional cowcatchers and sideplates so that she can run near public roads.


Mavis is painted black with hazard stripes on her front and rear. She has her name and "The Ffarquhar Quarry Co. Ltd." written on her sideplates in white.


Magazine Stories

  • 1996 - Proud Mavis!, The Little Line and Really Useful Oliver!
  • 1997 - Star Story!
  • 2000 - A Shock for Mavis, Rude James and A Special Story About Henrietta (cameo)
  • 2001 - Soak Joke, Diesel Day! (does not speak), The Eyesight Test (mentioned), Midnight Mavis (does not speak) and Diesel's Ditch
  • 2002 - The Fat Controller's Diesels! (does not speak) and Diesel's Drums
  • 2003 - Seaside Salty and Special Delivery!
  • 2004 - Fergus' Funnel (does not speak), Sky Shapes, Toby's Troubles! (does not speak), Buffer Bother!, Engine Trouble (cameo) and Rock Shock!

Annual Stories


  • Mavis is named after the Reverend W. Awdry's neighbour in Rodborough, Stroud.
  • The Australian Engine shares the same horn sound as Mavis' current one.
  • Mavis was the last character Wilbert Awdry created before he retired from writing the Railway Series.
  • Mavis' television series model is currently on display at the Hara Model Railway Museum in Japan and is wearing her worried face mask.
  • In the Railway Series, Mavis' brakepipe is on the right side, but in the television series her brakepipe is on the left side.
  • At the train shed, Mavis wore one of Toby's face masks.
  • In some Day Out with Thomas events, Spencer wore her face mask.
  • Mavis has gone through a couple of modifications in the television series:
    • Season 3:
      • Her horn was BoCo's at a higher pitch.
    • Season 4:
      • Her middle lamp iron was removed.

Season 6:

      • Her eyebrows became longer.
      • Her middle lamp iron returned.
      • Her horn sound is the same as Derek's.
    • Season 7:
      • Her horn is the same as Daisy's from the fourth season.