Michael Angelis, born January 18th, 1950, in Merseyside, Liverpool, is the longest running Thomas and Friends narrator, as he has been the UK narrator since the third season. He also narrated six American episodes on the New Friends for Thomas and Other Adventures DVD, and the narration for the first six The Railway Stories CDs, as well as other miscellaneous merchandise.

Angelis appears in many British comedy shows, such as "The Liver Birds", "Minder", "Sweet Medicine", "A & E", "Merseybeat", "A Touch of Frost" "The Boys from Blackstuff", "Auf Weidershen Pet", "I Woke Up One Morning", "George and Mildred", and "Z Cars".

He has a brother, Paul Angelis, and was married to Helen Worth from 1991 until 2001. He later married model Jennifer Khalastchi.

He was originally hired to voice James and Percy in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, but was later replaced by Susan Roman and Linda Ballantyne respectively because the test audience thought that he made the characters sound old.

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