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Never, Never, Never Give Up, also referred to as Never, Never Give Up is a song from the sixth season.


If you climb the highest mountain,
Cross the river deep,
Maybe you'll find it's never as easy
As it first appears, as it first appears
Just remember not to worry,
Or get down at heart
Never lose faith in positive thinking
You'll be amazed when you achieve
All the things you start,
All the things you start. So,


Never, never, never give up even though the going's tough
Don't stop trying, when you're tiring, and you're out of puff
No, never, never, never give up even though you're feeling rough
If at first you don't succeed, never, never, never give up
If at first you don't succeed, Then try and try again
Nothing in life is ever as easy
But you get there in the end, get there in the end
So blow your cares and woes behind you
Start a brand new day
Nothing can stop you reaching your goal
If you're determined, you can do it
You will find a way, you will find a way. So,


Some things seem impossible, answers hard to find
No matter how improbable, you won't know until you try
You can do whatever you choose it just takes a little luck
So remember never, never, never give up

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Never, never, never give up!



Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Duck Takes Charge - A close-up deleted scene of Gordon at Knapford.
  • A Close Shave:
    • The scene of Duck swerving to miss the red coaches has been extended.
    • A deleted scene of The Barber after he shaving foam into Duck's face.
  • Ghost Train - A close-up deleted scene of Toby at Tidmouth at the end of the episode.
  • Woolly Bear - A close-up deleted scene of Percy smiling when he and Thomas are arguing.
  • The Trouble with Mud - The scene of James reaching the top of Gordon's Hill has been extended.
  • Trust Thomas:
    • A deleted scene shows Edward passing through Tidmouth Sheds with Thomas on the Breakdown Train.
    • An alternate shot of Thomas approaching the pond.
    • The scene of Thomas sinking has been extended.
  • Something in the Air - An extended shot of Henry's vans falling in the sea.
  • A Surprise for Percy - A deleted scene of Percy pulling the trucks up the hill.
  • Twin Trouble - The scene of Douglas pulling up alongside Donald after the crash has been extended.
  • Gordon Takes a Tumble - A deleted scene of the scarecrow's arms moving although this could have been specially animated footage.


  • The scenes of James, Donald and Douglas at the end are mirrored.
  • The shot of James going up Gordon's Hill from The Trouble with Mud is reversed, as steam is shown returning to James.
  • In Japan this song is called "Never Give Up".
  • The CGI Series version of the song excludes the lyrics "Even though the going's tough don't stop trying, when you're tiring, and you're out of puff. No, never, never, never give up" three times, with the exception of the last verse - in which case, it is used once.
  • The album release is at a lower key.


  • The number 10 goes to Donald's tender, even though he is number 9. Both accidents for the Twins shown are experienced by Donald.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese だめだめあきらめちゃ Never Never Give Up

Home Media Releases


  • Roundhouse Rhythms
  • The Greatest Stories


  • Original Songs 1


  • Sing-a-Long


  • Thomas and Friends Sing-a-Long (Thai DVD)


Music Video

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