Norramby (alternatively Normanby) is a seaside town on the south-eastern coast of Sodor.

The name originates from the only Norman invasion in the history of Sodor, which landed here. It was rerouted by Godred Crovan into a pass leading to Sodor's interior (that pass is now called Crovan's Gate) and the Normans retreated to the bay where they had landed to discover that their ships had been set alight by another party of Sudrians.

Norramby is home to a beach that Sudrians and holidaymakers visit. Boats also reside there. The North Western Railway's Norramby branch serves two passenger stations in town, Norramby Church Station.

The Dukes of Sodor are all from the Norramby family, which takes it name from the town.

A Fishing Village is located here.


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