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The Old Stone Bridge is a small bridge made out of stone which has a single railway line running below it, a large forest is located nearby.

The bridge appeared in the fifth season episodes, Haunted HenryStepney Gets Lost and Busy Going Backwards. In Busy Going Backwards, some workmen were repairing and fixing the bridge when Toad and his runaway trucks crashed into a small pool of water beside the bridge.


  • In Busy Going Backwards, the workmen were shown building a second track running underneath the bridge, but in Percy and the Haunted Mine, the bridge only showed one track running underneath the bridge. 
  • In Busy Going Backwards, the bridge had a lorry on top of it, indicating that it is a road bridge, but in Learning Segments, there are rails on top of it.
  • The model of the bridge was recycled as a river bridge in Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday.