"Other engines came and went, but Duke outlasted them all."
— The author, Granpuff, Duke the Lost Engine

Several other engines worked alongside Duke, Falcon, Stuart and Stanley on the former Mid Sodor Railway. According too The Island of Sodor: Its People, History and Railways, in 1936, the Railway had six locomotives (excluding Stanley). Three of these were sold off in that year in an effort to keep the Company's head above water. Their fates afterwards are unknown.

These engines never appeared in any of the Railway Series stories, but appeared on the Reverend W. Awdry's model layouts of the Mid Sodor Railway. Though their existence was implied, they were never mentioned by name. Some of these engines were on display at the Reverend Teddy Boston's Cadeby Light Railway, before the railway finally closed in 2005.

In the television series, Skarloey, Rheneas, and Duncan made various cameo appearances on the Mid Sodor Railway as though they were depicted as the other engines working alongside Duke, Falcon, Stuart and Smudger.

Number: 5
Number: 6
Number: 7
Number: 8
The Mine Engine (aka Atlas and Minnie)
Number: 9 (Atlas)
10 (Minnie)
The unnamed red engine (aka John, Jennings and Fletcher)
Number: 11

There were 2 versions of the Mid Sodor Railway layout.

On the 1st, there were 7 named engines:

  • Mistress
  • Albert
  • Jerry
  • John
  • Jennings
  • Atlas and Minnie the Mines Engines

On the 2nd, there were 6 named engines:

  • Master
  • Jim
  • Tim
  • Jennings
  • Fletcher
  • Pioneer

They are all narrow-gauge engines who worked on the Mid Sodor Railway. These engines never appeared in any stories, but appeared on the Reverend W. Awdry's model layouts of the Mid Sodor.


Albert is painted blue, Jim green, Tim black, Jerry green, Fletcher red, and the Mines Engines brown.


  • Albert (original): A Minitrains Baldwin modified into an 0-6-0.
  • Albert (new): Falcon Hughes loco in original Corris Railway condition, like Sir Handel; original Mid Sodor #3.
  • Tim: Gem Vari-kit; freelance. He was built, by Awdry, as a generic tram locomotive.
  • Jim: Based upon the same kit as Tim, but modified to look like a Kerr Stuart Skylark locomotive.
  • The mines engines Atlas and Minnie: Modelled on the Jouef Decauville 0-4-0PT. This makes it possible that the locomotive(s) was/were brought over from France to work on Sodor.
  • Jerry: Based upon Peco's kit for a freelance locomotive, Jeanette which itself is based upon the Andrew Barclay locomotive "Doll".
  • John: A Peco James kit.
  • Jennings: Another Peco James kit; modified into an 0-4-0.