Many different types of rolling stock have been used on the Skarloey Railway and the Mid Sodor Railway.


Trucks (called cars in the US narrations), are also commonly referred to as Troublesome Trucks because some of them can be quite troublesome to the narrow gauge engines. They resemble the coal trucks used by the North Western Railway. They are used for carrying coal, stone, flour, tools and other materials. They take a disliking towards Sir Handel, like the slate trucks and love to play tricks on an engine.


The trucks were brown and grey in the fourth and fifth seasons, black from the sixth.


The trucks are based on several different narrow gauge trucks on the Talyllyn Railway. The Bachmann narrow gauge trucks were based on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway's 4-wheel goods wagons. In the magazines, the trucks are often incorrectly depicted as Standard gauge trucks.


Vans, known as Boxcars in the US, are used all around the narrow gauge railway for carrying special goods and other things and are used to transport them to different locations.


In the Railway Series, all vans were painted blue, but in the television series, they are commonly painted red.


The vans are based on the Talyllyn Railway's Covered van No.28, as well as Tool van No.6 and No.29, with added buffers. The carriages were originally owned by the Penrhyn Quarry Railway and have since been rebuilt with roofs. Replicas of the Penrhyn Quarry Railway carriages have been built for the Old Kiln Light Railway.


  • The vans resemble Cora from the Railway Series. However, Cora has room for a guard to be housed.


There are several four-wheeled brake vans used on the Skarloey Railway in the television series. They are often used for passenger trains, goods trains and breakdown trains. They can also be found scattered around the yards.

The brake vans have ticket windows on both sides. They are used mainly to carry the guard and workmen, but on rare occasions when the coaches are full, the guard will allow passengers to travel in the brake van.


In the television series, the brake vans are painted blue, red, brown, grey and dark green. 


The brake vans appear to be based on the Talyllyn Railway's No.6  tool van with ticket windows added on both sides like on the No.5 guard's van.


The brake vans have appeared in every season since the fourth season.


  • In the Railway Series, Beatrice is the only known brake van on the Skarloey Railway. However, Cora is occasionally used as a brake van when Beatrice is not available. Millicent, a bogie coach, has room for a guard to be house.

Gunpowder Vans

Gunpowder Vans, as their name suggests, transport gunpowder. Because gunpowder is very dangerous, engines must take the most careful way when shunting them, and they are usually put in the middle of trains for safety.

In the television series, these vans can be seen on the Mid Sodor Railway, and at the Skarloey Railway.


In the model series, the gunpowder vans were based on the Curtis's & Harvey Number 152 gunpowder van used on the Ffestiniog Railway.


In the model series, the gunpowder vans were painted black with "D. FUSIT" on the sides in white and "GUNPOWDER" underneath in red. In the CGI series, they are painted grey and dark green and have explosives hazard warnings on them.


  • The name "D. Fusit" is a play on words of "De-Fuse It".
  • The ERTL packaging refers to "D. Fusit" as a male character and implies that he is sentient.

The "Weedkiller"

The "Weedkiller" is a special maintenance train pulled by either Rusty or Fred that is only used once a year. It consists of a flat truck with a large yellow tanker attached on it and a pipe hangs across the line behind the trucks' buffers. The pipes are designed so that "Weedkilling" liquid is sprayed across the track.

It only appears in the Railway Series book, New Little Engine.


Flatbeds are used to carry large bulky loads, such as organs, engines, vehicles etc.


Conflats are used several times on the narrow gauge railway to carry and transport vehicles, engines and various objects.

In the Railway Series, the weedkiller train consists of a large tanker attached to a conflat. In the fourth season, Duke was transported to the Skarloey Railway via a conflat equipped with narrow gauge rails; the same type of conflat was later used for Skarloey.

Well Wagons

Wellwagons are used to carry tall loads like statues, to make them more stable or lower by placing the load in a dipped space between the bogies.

In the seventh season, Duncan transported an elephant statue on a wellwagon to Elephant Park.


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