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"Yo, ho, ho, and a bucket of prawns! The tiller spins..."
"And the captain yawns!
— Salty and the trucks

Salty's Secret is the first episode of the sixth season.


Salty is a new diesel who enjoys working near the sea. It is his first day working on Sodor and as the island is surrounded by the sea, he is hopeful he will be working near it. Naturally, he is disappointed when he is sent to work at the quarry to help Mavis, Bill and Ben with an important job for the Fat Controller. Bill and Ben think that they do not need help, and do not think Salty will be able to manage all of the trucks. However, when they see that Salty manages to win the trucks over with his tales and songs of the sea, they become rather jealous. But Salty still longs for the sea.

One night, Mavis, Bill and Ben see him alone outside. Bill and Ben call him names, but Mavis tries to comfort him. Salty wants to be near the sea, but he knows that the quarry work is important. And the next day, Salty tries to show Bill and Ben his secret with the trucks, which is singing a tune for the trucks to sing along with. Bill and Ben try singing a rhythm to get the trucks moving, but they could not make them move the way Salty could.

Later, the Fat Controller arrives at the quarry, and is surprised to see that the job has been completed. Mavis tells him that they could not have done it without Salty. Luckily for him, there is no further need for him at the quarry, and he is transferred to Brendam Docks, which is his dream place to work. It is where he feels really useful, and he sorts out the trucks better than any other engine.




  • This is the first episode not to have Britt Allcroft involved in production.
  • as James Edward and Gordon pass by a scrap model of Toad can be seen


  • When Mavis first meets Salty, her happy face is missing its eyebrows.
  • Salty's voice is incorrectly used for the lines "Here we go, here we go, here we go" and "No we don't, no we don't..." in the British version.
  • Salty is rolling off the end of the set as he sings "The tiller spins..."
  • When Salty feels sad, Mavis comes out of the shed to talk to him without a driver.
  • Salty should know that sea breezes only occur during the day.
  • Brakevans should have been added to Mavis and Thomas' trains.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ソルティーのひみつ Secrets of Salty
Norwegian Saltys Hemmelighet Salty's Secret
Italian Il Segreto di Salty The Secret of Salty 
Welsh Cyfrinach y Disel Yn The Secret of the Diesels
Hungarian Salty Titka Salty's Secret
Slovenian Slavkova Skrivnost Salty's Secret
Russian Секрет Солти Salty's Secret
Romanian Secretul lui Salty Salty's Secret
Chinese 塞尔缇的秘密 Salty's Secret
Korean 솔티의 비밀 Salty's Secret
Slovak Saltyho Tajomstvo Salty's Secret
Polish Sekret Sylwka Secret Salty
Swedish Saltys hemlighet Salty's Secret
Danish Saltys hemmelighed Salty's Secret
Dutch Salty's geheim Salty's Secret
Thai ซอลตี้ชอบทะเล Salty's City Beach

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