Sigrid of Arlesdale
  • Builder: Severn-Lamb
  • Designer: David Curwen
  • Built: 1969
  • Configuration: 4-6-4, originally 0-6-0T and 2-6-2T

Sigrid of Arlesdale is a diesel who works on the Arlesdale Railway.


Sigrid of Arlesdale was designed as a 2-C-2 Diesel/Hydraulic locomotive by Ivan Farrier and was built at Severn Lamb in Stratford, England in 1969. She was built with a Ford 4 cylinder engine, but after extensive trials under normal traffic conditions, it was found this did not give enough power. It was replaced with a 6 cylinder Perkins from plans made by The Small Controller and Ivan Farrier, and performance has greatly improve. Sigrid is one of four diesel locomotives on the Arlesdale Railway and was named after the Sudrian heroine from the eleventh century who secured the defeat of the Norman Invasion in 1094.

Sigrid of Arlesdale is always stabled for the night at Arlesdale ready for the service train which takes employees to their places of work first thing in the morning, and back home every evening. She spends the rest of the day at Arlesburgh in by no means inactive standby duty.


Sigrid of Arlesdale is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's Shelagh of Eskdale.


Sigrid of Arlesdale is painted in a two-tone blue livery: BR Diesel "Rail Blue" with a light blue band.


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