This page is for minor locomotive characters who have appeared in the Railway Series and Thomas & Friends.

Sixteen's Friends

Sixteen's Friends
"If the notice says 'danger,' you shouldn't pass it."
— Sixteen's friends, Cab Over Wheels, Wilbert the Forest Engine

When Sixteen worked at the steelworks, he worked with other industrial engines who were described by Wilbert as his friends. Unlike Sixteen, they obeyed the rules and never went beyond the "DANGER" notice at the tip. They tried their best to warn Sixteen not to go beyond the "DANGER" notice, to no avail.


Railway Series


Earnest is a broad gauge tender engine who appeared in a portrait in Topham Hall and the Ffarquhar Stationmaster's house.

Technical Details

Earnest has no specific basis, and appears to be a freelance design. However, he does strongly resemble a Great Western Railway Star Class, the 2-2-2 broad gauge steam locomotive. A non-working replica of a GWR Star Class named North Star was constructed for the 1923 Cavalcade, and is now housed at Swindon Steam Railway Museum.

Earnest is painted light brown with a green tender, brass fittings, and gold lining.


Thomas & Friends



  • According to a SiF interview, the portrait of Earnest was illustrated by Robert Gauld-Galliers, and was described to be a "made-up character" in the Victorian era to match the various other human portraits featured throughout the series. The portrait was roughly 80 x 60 mm.
  • In 2017, Robert Gauld-Galliers confirmed that at the time of production Earnest was not named, and suggested he be named 'Earnest'.
  • Earnest is the first engine in the television series to have a moustache, and the second overall.

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