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"Huh! What's that rubbish?"
"Shh, shh! That's Skarloey, he's famous!
Sir Handel and Peter Sam, A Bad Day for Sir Handel

Skarloey, a narrow gauge saddletank engine, is the oldest engine on the Skarloey Railway.

Bio in the Railway Series

Skarloey was built at Fletcher, Jennings, and Co., Whitehaven in 1864 as a 0-4-0ST with no cab, which caused him to bounce a lot. He was the first engine to arrive on the newly developed Skarloey Railway in 1865. His young antics proved bothersome but he soon matured when he received his cab and trailing wheels.

Skarloey was put aside in 1945, fit for steam only in extreme emergency. On one such occasion, he damaged his springs whilst bringing home Sir Handel's train, resulting in a receiving a well-needed overhaul.

Since returning to service, he has been very much a voice of reason on the Skarloey Railway: he was responsible for Sir Handel's comeuppance when the latter became boastful about his new wheels, and changed Duncan's views about passengers by telling him about the time when Rheneas saved the Railway.

At the celebrations for his and Rheneas' 100th birthday, he collected the Duke of Sodor (much to Peter Sam's confusion) and took him around the new loop line.

He later attended Ivo Hugh's naming ceremony.

Bio in the television series

When Skarloey first appeared in the fourth season, he had not worked in some time, but soon proved his worth once more. Since then, he has been a dedicated worker and a very wise engine. However, from the seventh season, Skarloey has acted like a very young engine. He has also acted timid, being scared of an old wooden bridge.


Skarloey is the sage of the Skarloey Railway and is an old, faithful little engine. Although once full of enthusiasm and his own ideas in his youth, Skarloey is now one of the oldest engines on the Island. He is a calm-natured, quaint, and mature engine and may often try to guide or watch over less experienced narrow gauge engines in his firm but fair and friendly manner. He acts kindly to engines and passengers alike and always enjoys a gentle, smooth journey through the woods by the lakeside and stopping at all the gates and stiles he remembers so well.


Skarloey is based on the Talyllyn Railway's Talyllyn.


In the Railway Series, Skarloey is painted in the Skarloey Railway's red livery and blue-and-yellow lining with his name painted in gold on his saddletank. In the television series, Skarloey is painted red with white and gold lining.


Railway Series

Television series


  • Skarloey was built at Fletcher, Jennings & Co. at Whitehaven, the same place as Rheneas, Captain Baxter, Talyllyn and Dolgoch.
  • His name is Sudric for "Lake in the Woods".
  • Skarloey's name on the Japanese Thomas website is backwards.
  • Skarloey's large scale model was used as The Ghost Engine in Duncan Gets Spooked.
  • The Reverend W. Awdry's model of Skarloey is currently on display at the Narrow Gauge Museum in Tywyn.
  • Nitrogen Studios went to the Talyllyn Railway and took measurements of Skarloey's basis, Talyllyn, so that his CGI render would resemble Talyllyn as closely as possible. This was also done with Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, and Rusty.
  • Skarloey has gone through many modifications through the TV Series. These include:
    • Season 5:
      • Cab handrails disappeared (large scale model only).
      • His buffers changed from grey to silver.
      • His whistle sound changed pitch.
    • Season 6:
      • The brass ring around his funnel and his buffers were painted black.
      • His model is significantly less weathered.


As the men at the Works could not mend him at once, Edward asked them to put him on a siding close to Skarloey. Skarloey was pleased to see Edward.
"The Owner has just bought two more engines," he said. "He told me I was a very old engine, and deserved a good rest. He gave me this shed so that I could see everything and not be lonely. But I'am lonely all the same," he continued sadly. "I miss Rheneas very much. Yesterday one of the new engines pushed him onto a truck, and now he's gone to be mended. I wish I could be mended too, and pull coaches again."

- Skarloey talking to Edward, "Skarloey Remembers", "Four Little Engines"

"You were right, Sir," said Skarloey to the Owner, that evening. "Old engines can't pull trains like the young ones can!"
The Owner smiled. "They can if they're mended, Old Faithful," he said. "And that's what will happen to you, you deserve it!"

- Skarloey and the Owner, "Old Faithful", "Four Little Engines"

"I'm ashamed of you, Duncan," said Skarloey. "You should think of your passengers!"
"Passengers are just nuisances, they're always complaining!"
Skarloey was shocked. "That's no way to talk," he said. "Passengers are our coal and water. No passengers means no trains. No trains means no railway. And then we'd be on the scrapheap, my engine, and don't you forget it! Thank goodness Rheneas is coming home soon. Perhaps he'll teach you some sense before its too late!"

- Skarloey lecturing Duncan about passengers, "The Gallant Old Engine", "Gallant Old Engine"

Rheneas chuckled. "It cheered him too much! And those silly coaches made him worse. 'Such a handsome engine', they twitted. Six wheels and a cab, so distinguished my dears! Its a pleasure to see him. He soon got too big for his wheels."

- Rheneas, "Stick-in-the-Mud", "Very Old Engines"