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Bill and Ben at the China Clay Works in the second season

The Sodor China Clay Company is a company situated near Brendam. It owns Bill and Ben, and uses them to carry china clay from the China Clay Works along a private line to Brendam Harbour. It first appeared in the second season.

History and Operations

The Sodor China Clay Company was first established in 1948. It owns Bill and Ben, and uses them to carry china clay from the Clay Pits along a private line on Edward's Branch Line to Brendam.

In Season 3, the Clay Pits were struck with a large avalanche. Luckily, Bill and Ben were able to help evacuate the Clay Pits before anyone was injured. It made regular appearances until Bill and Ben were relocated to Anopha Quarry in the sixth season.


  • According to the official Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends website, Derek now spends most of his time working in the Clay Mines.
  • In Season 5, the Clay Pits shared the same set as the Anopha Quarry.
  • In the television series, Sir Topham Hatt is in charge of the Sodor China Clay Company.
Sodor China Clay Company

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