Stephen Hatt (right)

Stephen Topham Hatt is Sir Topham and Lady Hatt's grandson and Bridget's older brother. In The Railway Series, he took over his father's role as controller of the North Western Railway in 1984 and became Sir Topham Hatt III in 1997.


The Railway Series

He later appeared in the following books as the Fat Controller:

Television series

Voice Actors

  • Tomoko Naka (Japan; first season only)
  • Hiromi Nishida (Japan; Toby's Discovery only)
  • Chisato Nakajima (Japan; fifth - sixth seasons)
  • Kumiko Izumi (Japan; seventh season only)


  • In the magazines, he and Bridget have a friend named Marcus.
  • In the magazine story, The Hallowe'en Special, it is said that Stephen and Bridget live on the Mainland and only come to stay with Sir Topham and Lady Hatt every so often.
  • In Saved from Scrap, Stephen's model was used as one of The Vicar's sons.
  • From the third season,Stephen wore a green sweatshirt instead of a jacket and tie.


  • Departing Now

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