Story and Song Collection (Also known as Volume 13 in New Zealand) is a UK/AUS/NZ VHS featuring five fourth season episodes narrated by Michael Angelis and five songs.


  1. Gallant Old Engine
  2. Henry and the Elephant
  3. Thomas and the Special Letter
  4. Bulls Eyes
  5. Mind that Bike


  1. Thomas' Anthem *
  2. Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover *
  3. The Island Song *
  4. Let's Have a Race *
  5. Toby *

(*Followed by a story)


  • The cover features an image from Paint Pots and Queens.
  • The inner sleeves of the UK and Australian versions included a lyric sheet for Thomas' Anthem. The UK version also included a Thomas Club form.
  • The inner sleeve of the New Zealand release is blank.
  • The New Zealand release spells Sing Along as one word.


  • The New Zealand release's cover states that the episodes are new, however, they were previously released in their country on Thomas and the Special Letter and Other Stories. This is because they used the UK release's cover as a template. It also states that four stories are included, when the tape features five stories.
  • The back of the New Zealand cover said there are four stories when there are actually five.