Take Along was a Thomas and Friends die-cast toy range produced by Learning Curve. In 2010, the range was discontinued and sold to Mattel, who launched a revamped version of the merchandise under their subsidiary, Fisher-Price. It was renamed Take-n-Play. The Take Along toys are still compatible with the new Take-n-Play range.


Rolling Stock



  • Thomas and "Holiday Express" cars (holiday van and candy cane car)
  • Buzz, Buzz James and Bee car
  • Percy and Birthday Cars
  • Percy and chocolate cake cars
  • Thomas and paint car
  • Sir Handel or Trevor and apple car
  • Thomas, Tidmouth snowglobe car and holiday caboose
  • Rusty and Rescue Cars
  • Percy and Holiday Cars (holiday van and candy cane car)
  • Thomas and birthday cars
  • Rescue cars
  • Holiday Percy and holiday caboose
  • Thomas and "Days Out with Thomas" tanker

Special edition engines

  • 60th Anniversary silver Thomas
  • Metallic Thomas
  • Metallic Edward
  • Metallic Henry
  • Metallic Gordon
  • Metallic James
  • Metallic Percy
  • Metallic Toby
  • Metallic Duck
  • Metallic Oliver
  • Metallic Diesel
  • Metallic Lady
  • Metallic 'Arry & Bert


  • Smelting Yard (with Duck)
  • Cranky the Crane
  • Wellsworth Station (with Mavis)
  • Gantry Crane (with Salty)
  • Drawbridge (with Skarloey)
  • Tidmouth Engine Sheds (with Gordon)
  • Water Tower (with Fergus)


  • Travel Tote
  • Island of Sodor playmat
  • Bag of Track
  • Curved and Straight Track Pack
  • Cross and Switch Track Pack
  • Bridge Track Pack
  • Engine Belt
  • Storage Case
  • Ultimate Track Pack


  • Work and Play Roundhouse Set
  • Sodor Engine Works Set
  • Sodor Timber Yard
  • Rescue Station Set
  • Let's Have a Race Set
  • Brendam Docks Set
  • Harold's Heliport Set
  • Knapford Station
  • Marshalling Train Yard Set
  • Working Hard Set
  • Really Useful Engine Set
  • Thomas & Percy Starter Set
  • Toby's Main Line Set
  • Water Tower Figure 8 Set
  • Bridges and Tunnels Set
  • Knapford Mail Express Set

Play-Scenes With DVD


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