Edward Maurice "Ted" Robbins (born August 11th, 1955) is an English television presenter and actor. He took up the role as narrator of the Railway Series audio books after Johnny Morris and Willie Rushton retired from the series. He narrated the books written by Christopher Awdry in 1994. He was the second narrator to have a connection with the Beatles (the first being Ringo Starr): He is the second cousin of Paul McCartney.

Ted has recently appeared in children's sitcom "The Slammer" and adult comedy shows "Bad Education" and "Birds of a Feather". He is currently a regular Sunday presenter on BBC Radio Lancashire.

On 31 January 2015, Ted Robbins collapsed on stage during a "Phoenix Nights" live show from a heart attack. He was given CPR at the scene before being hospitalised and has since recovered from the attack.


  • Both he and Ringo Starr have connections with rock band The Beatles.
  • Both he and Bob Golding appeared in the same episode of "Diddy Movies".
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