The Best of Thomas the Tank Engine
and Friends

David Mitton


Britt Allcroft
David Mitton
Robert D. Cardona


Ringo Starr (England)
John Ogwen (Wales)

Music by

Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell


Pickwick Video
Sain Video


June 24th, 1991


100 mins

Preceded by

Bumper Special

Followed by

Time for Trouble
and other stories

The Best of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends is a UK (English/Welsh) VHS release featuring eighteen second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr. The Welsh release is narrated by John Ogwen.


At last - the very best of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends on one fun-packed video. Children will love watching the adventures of their favourite engines in the eighteen super stories chosen for this collection. It's full steam ahead for Thomas the Tank Engine - climb aboard and join the fun!



  1. Thomas, Percy and the Coal
  2. Cows
  3. Bertie's Chase
  4. Saved from Scrap
  5. Percy and the Signal
  6. Duck Takes Charge
  7. Percy and Harold
  8. The Runaway
  9. Percy Takes the Plunge*
  10. Percy's Predicament
  11. Dirty Work
  12. A Close Shave
  13. The Deputation
  14. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  15. Edward's Exploit
  16. Ghost Train
  17. Woolly Bear
  18. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree

* Percy Takes the Plunge is replaced by Daisy on the Welsh release.


  • This was the first UK VHS release to feature the Britt Allcroft logo without the accompanying music, however, the Welsh release included the music.
  • The back cover of the English release features an image from Edward and Gordon.
  • The double bill of Percy Takes the Plunge and Percy's Predicament was taken from a 1988 repeat on ITV.
  • This was the last release by Pickwick Video.
  • It's Welsh name is "Fideo Mawr Tomos Y Tanc a'i Gyfeillion", which translates to "Major Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends Video".


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