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The Coaling Plant was introduced in the fifth season of television series.

Locations in the Coaling Plant

The Truck Hoist

One of the machines at the Coaling Plant is the truck hoist. This machine has a platform, which trucks full of coal are placed onto the platform, lifted up and then tipped over to empty the coal. It is dangerous for engines to go on it. However, Henry accidentally pushed Percy onto the Truck Hoist.

The Mine

In the fifth season, the coaling plant had a mine. A train of trucks got stuck on a mechanism at the mine shaft's entrance. Percy gave them an extra hard shunt to get them moving, but pushed them too hard. The trucks came off the rails, crashing into a support beam. This caused the mine to collapse, destroying the trucks. Percy evacuated the mine and saved himself with a canvas barrier he remembered from earlier. The mine's last appearance was in A Big Surprise for Percy.


  • The coaling plant caused some issues with Christopher Awdry, as originally there was no coal mine on Sodor and all the coal was imported from the mainland.
  • The season 5 version of the plant reuses some buildings from TUGS as well as part of the Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds Model