Norramby Fishing Village, is the main place which supplies Sodor with fresh fish, usually caught early in the morning. It has appeared ever since the fifth season.

History and Operations

The fishing village supplies the fish goods to be taken to Brendam Docks, for shipping to The Mainland. Sodor's own fish supply also comes from here. The pier, Sodor Inn and a small platform for unloading goods is located nearby. In conjunction with the fish supplies from Brendam Docks, the Flying Kipper, pulled by Henry, also sometimes carry an extra supply of fish from the fishing village, which also gets delivered to the Mainland. In the fifth season, there was a two-tracked engine shed located here but since the seventh season, it's only a one-track engine shed.

Once, Thomas was waiting for an early morning catch of fish to be loaded into his vans, which would be taken to Brendam Docks and then delivered to the mainland via the Flying Kipper. The fishermen were using old equipment and the work was delayed. Suddenly, an old crane began to malfunction, dropping a crate of fish on Thomas in the process. The train was delayed even more for Henry, who was waiting to take the flying kipper to the mainland. But Thomas managed to get it there before too long.


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