FANDOM,, or, is the official website of Thomas and Friends. The English website was launched in 1996 by The Britt Allcroft Company.

The first version of the site was created by NetSite Productions Limited.

HiT Entertainment has also launched official Thomas and Friends websites in other languages.


  • Games
  • Characters/Engines
  • Videos
  • Activities
  • TV Information
  • My Station
  • Downloads

List of all the official websites around the world


  • According to HiT Entertainment, the site has circa 23 million hits and 1.7 million visitors every month.
  • Each official website was different at one point:
  • The Japanese site had a blog, which was updated every week.
  • Railway Series characters, including Wilbert and Culdee were also given their own pages, but are now no longer accessible.
  • Because some characters share the same name, they might go by a different name during the 2015 overhaul:
  • For a short time, Smudger's picture was represented by Stuart, but was corrected to have an image of himself.
  • Some of the voice clips on certain characters from the 2010 update are absent since the 2015 update. These include:
    • Salty
    • Rocky
    • Sir Topham Hatt
    • Mavis
    • Victor
    • Kevin
  • On the Dutch website, Colin, Flora and Hank are listed in the Engine Depot. But because the twelfth season was never broadcast in the Netherlands, the Dutch would not know about them.
  • Molly's page shows her with her larger prototype face.


  • Most recently in both UK and US, when the mouse moves over the "Home" and "Engines" icons, Sir Topham Hatt says them with his original US voice, while his current UK/US voice is heard on the "Games" and "Videos" options. This is the case with both UK and US websites.
  • On the UK/US home page, Thomas and James are missing their siderods.
  • On the UK website, when the "Meet the Earl" video clip was released on the King of the Railway minisite, the US version was shown. The same errors also occur on the video clips on the UK Spills and Thrills site.
  • Mavis used the term "cars" on the UK website before its recent update, but this is an American term for trucks.
  • The current "What's New" UK page shows a Thomas & Friends Live advert for Singapore, although Singapore is not part of the UK.
  • For unknown reasons, the official French, Chinese and Korean websites were never shown on the flags page.
  • Characters such as Terence, BoCo, and George are not included in the Engine Depot.
  • The site title of the UK News page is incorrectly titled "Thomas de Stoomlocomotief: Nieuw". This is actually Dutch for "Thomas the Tank Engine: New".
  • Currently, when on the Taiwanese website and the mouse is moved over the THOMAS & FRIENDS logo, it does not say 'home', but it says 'apps' instead.
  • On the US website's front page, the Tale of the Brave clip of Percy rescuing James from the landslide was from the UK dub, as James had his UK voice.
  • While Oliver's bio page features a picture and information on the engine of that name, it is incorrectly titled "Oliver the Excavator".
  • On the US website, 'Arry's page is not featured on some engine pages but can still be accessed.
  • Toad's bio incorrectly states that he is a 20-ton brake van.
  • Annie and Clarabel's promos have a few goofs:
    • Clarabel is missing her guard's compartment.
    • Both coaches are shown with their coupling chains sticking forward, but another chain can be seen hanging down.
  • A white line can be seen behind Emily in the 2015 update.


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